Sunday, January 29, 2012

To the Faithful Followers

My apologies for not giving you more information.  I've been remiss about updating the situation.

Well, here we go...  I opened an office about 1 year ago.  It has exhausted me to the point of anxiety and ill-health.  My plan for the new year is a recovery.  Don't get me wrong, it has been successful beyond expectations but at a cost.  Many costs...  I won't go into it but man, I'm not perfect.

So, let's get on to the sewing, knitting, crafting, fun!

I'm currently in the process of knitting Ecuador MT Ecuador.  It's a beautiful yellow-orange.  Pantone shows it will be in vogue through next year.  I hope so.  If you've ever worked with fingering weight you'll understand.  I've never worked with it but it does take diligence.

On to sewing...

I have a wedding in October to plan for.  So on to the Pantone charts for Fall 2012/2013 (can you believe it?).  I'm thinking about a nice navy dress with a contrasting jacket, maybe a orange or purple.  I'll leave that for a little bit before the wedding.  Here's what I'm thinking.

When you look at the photo, you'll see how the neckline buckles.  This is expected when you move, I think a nice slit with a v-shape will help make it flow better.

Although I'm a 30E, I think this might work.  What do you think about making a slit at the neckline to break up the large expanse of fabric.  Also, this jacket may look nice.

I was thinking about the 3/4 sleeves.  With the collar on the left. 

What do you think.  It's probably going to be a late-afternoon wedding.


Fabric?  I'm thinking a nice gabardine or double-knit for the dress  The jacket would be nice in a plaid.  I don't know.  Please help!

Oh, Vogue has come out with some new patterns.  I love this dress.  But is it too much for 43 yo woman?

I don't want to look like a hoochi-mama!  let me know.  Also, I could stand to lose a little weight so will it look right?  By the time summer gets here I hope that last part isn't an issue.  Gotta work; no hope:)