Friday, July 23, 2010

The Wardrobe That Just Keeps Going

The Wardrobe Contest is still chugging along and so are my projects.  Why is it the more I sew the longer it takes me to get things made?  The tunic that was 4 pieces took 2 weeks, the shorts that are 6 pieces have taken more than 2 weeks to get fitted as well.  Am I becoming more particular?  There isn't time in this contest for perfection- cranking out the garments is the plan.  So, here's the update:

Yep, the Anthropologie knock-off is gone- not enough fabric and couldn't find a replacement.  The second top is also up in the air.  What I've accomplished was done in the first few weeks.  It's not going to come together by the deadline but what I've finished has been worn to death.  After the shorts I'm tracing the dress and starting on the white skirt that's been traced.  Although I've traced it, I'm considering holding onto the pattern and finding a shorts pattern instead.  Ann Taylor has a cute pair of shorts with a boyfriend jacket ensemble that I think is really cute.  Ideally, I need more t-shirts so I'm probably going to go boring and make a few more.  Yes, I know it's boring but it's very wearable with my other items.

Well there are 5 more weeks, give or take a few days, until the contest is over.  That means I need to finish the shorts and both tops this weekend.  Then, 1 item a week until it's over in order to finish on time.  Chugging along... trying not to lose steam.  I really need these items in my wardrobe.

After all these are done, I'm on to make many pairs of pants.  Gotta get a muslin made.  Any suggestions on patterns?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Most Perfect Shoes

Ok, I haven't hidden the fact that I like shoes... ok, LOVE shoes.  I walked my happy self, dress in hand, into Nordstrom to find some shoes.  There was a hidden area that I had to look at, more on that later.  So, had in mind something strappy, metallic and high heeled.  Found:
Donald Pilner Snakeskin sandals

Disclaimer:  I don't condone cruelty to animals but I've dealt with enough snakes to know I really don't care about using them for clothing, pavement decoration or food.  So, if you don't agree with my choice, I respect your opinion but when you find a snake hanging in your closet, let me know what your opinion is after that.  Yes, that actually happened.  That's for another blog entry...

So, the tunic now has shoes to coordinate.  Did I mention the wedding was at Big Sky Ranch in Montana? Do you think I'll go with the cowboy theme?  Where's that cowboy hat???

Almost forgot, the curtain contained the pre-Anniversary Sale items.  Yep, found another pair of shoes there- 50% off so they don't count.  I'll be wearing them this fall with my new wardrobe.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Look 6849

The dress for the wedding this weekend is almost done.  All that is left is the hem.  I've reviewed this at Pattern  You can see it here.

Here's the lowdown...

This pattern allows for much translation.  I basically redid all of the dress- new armholes, new line (straighter and less A-line), lower bust point, square shoulder adjustment, raised the neckline and finally, took out the seams on the front and back.  Did I leave any of the pattern- hardly.

Also, my mom has a great embroidery machine and I find lots of things for her to embroidery- this included.

The color is off slightly.  It's peacock blue and lime green stitching.

This is the invisible zipper- used a new foot and not real happy with the result- 

Another photo-

This is slightly green but shows the detail.

I'll include photos from this weekend later.  Now to find some shoes...

What color do you think I should go with?  I've got a strappy black shoe, camel colored heels but nothing green or blue.  Would silver go?  If so, time to go shoe shopping:)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Time to Change Things Up

Warning:  I'm bored!

Time to change my name to something I've been thinking about.  When coming up with a name for my "designs" I decided on the word "apostrophe".  It's one of my favorites.  So, now my labels will say, "Apostrophe Designs" in fancy script.  Can't wait for them to arrive because I know I'll put them on everything.  My dog had better hide;)

So, "The Furcation" is a thing of the past.  Julie says it's the crotch of the tooth and I'm tired of being a crotch.  I'd rather be puncuation.