Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lingerie- KS 3426

Photo courtesy Kwik

After an enabling post about having a sale on their VW (Vera Wang) silk and wool fabric, I found some beautiful 100% silk chiffon perfect for this pattern.  It so happens to also be time for the Lingerie contest at

This is my first Kwik Sew pattern and am thoroughly hooked.  It provided excellent instructions and diagrams for sewing.  This is a simple pattern but the fabric made it more difficult.  I modified the ruffles slightly due to the fraying nature of chiffon.

In order to combat the fraying and give more opportunity for the contrast thread to be used, I opted to cut 1" strips of fabric, roll hem serged on my BL Imagine Wave (love this machine) and then join 2 strips with a zig-zag to form a type of ribbon.  This was then attached to the garment at the neckline and armholes.

Elastic was stained with tea and encased in the chiffon to hide it better.  I opted to finish the hem with the same rolled hem as the chiffon ribbon.

Many views of the finished garment.  Stay tuned and I'll take action shots of the ribbons and french seams.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do you think I should do something about this?

Everyone who has followed my Zebra print coat will recognize this fabric- yes, I'm going to coordinate with my furniture.

This chair serves as my desk and sewing chair.  I saved it from the dumpster at work, 2 years ago.  Did I take much time deciding to recover it???  Hey, I've been busy.  Well, now is the time to add a little more padding and recover this sucker.  The only problem I see is that I don't have a chair to sew with while it is dismantled.  This might get interesting.

First, for those who have never recovered furniture, I recommend taking a picture of the final piece so you will know how it all goes back together.  Next, as you start disassembling it, put all the pieces in a bag (I have a dog), enough said.  I then lay all the pieces out and decide if that's the way I want it to look when it's done.  This is where the padding comes into play.  If I don't like the lines or it needs more padding say, in the seat, this will change the size of the final product.  I plan to add more padding in the cushion because the foam is breaking down.  Since I don't plan adding new foam, I'll augment what I've got.  Did I say this already?  I love my staple gun.  I can staple anything- arghh (very manly sound).

Well, I tried to remove the bolts and after striping one of them I decided that was over-rated and I'd cover what was already there.  So, I draped the fabric and started stapling.  Did I mention I love my stapler?  Well, I need add a cover underneath to finish it off but it's vastly improved.  I don't have enough fabric to cover the back completely so I'm leaving it for now.  Do you think it looks better?  Less like a dumpster dive?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ottobre Coat

The coat is finished- finally!  Why do I say it that way?  Well, from my previous post and the muslin, I commented on it's shape being definitely A-line.  After much consideration and opinions, I ripped it apart and changed the lines of the coat.  So much so that the coat appears to be standing away from my body.  This is probably more of the fabric characteristics then the pattern.  On Monday I'll be polling my friends for their opinion as to whether I should alter it and make it straight.  Really, that's not a big deal but I'd like to try to wear it first.  When I tried it one I felt like my head was shrunken...  this is not a good look regardless of how nice the clothing is on the hanger;)  Lesson learned- if the muslin needs tweaking then do it because that's what it's for!

Ok, maybe it's not that bad...

Here are a few pictures and changes I made.

I added a yoke in the back, hanging chain and omitted the pockets.

Front on hanger

This is a close-up of the lining.  I did a partial bagged lining and hand stitched.  The facing was added differently than the pattern.  I didn't want all the bulk in the yolk with self fabric.

I love the way the yoke and the back line up.  It looks so nice.  Unfortunately, I couldn't line up the print horizontally due to the large repeat and limited fabric.

This is the inner portion of the facing and lining- I think it turned out great.

I added a chain to hang it by.  To attach it I used grosgrain ribbon.  Black buttons were too stark.  I interviewed several different buttons and many people gave their opinions, thanks.  These won out.

Buttoned front.  Now you see what I mean, it's BUSY.  This photo is with the sides compressed.  Why should I have to do that?  The next photo shows the definite A-line.  It looks too big.   Do you see how the print is running down on the front and up on the back?  I did this to de-emphasize the bust but maybe, I shouldn't have...  I probably won't wear it buttoned unless it's really cold outside and then I'll have my scarf.  See how the print lines up in the front?

The lack of lined up print in the back seems to break up the pattern and I prefer this now.

Another view.

And another...

Before                                                                                      After

Final photo... until I added the modified coat.  As an aside, I took the lining and coat seams apart and extended the waist down to the hem.  This allowed me to remove about 6 inches of fabric and form a coat that was straight.  I went back and looked at the photo from the magazine and it clearly appears to be cinched in in the back to make it appear more straight.  THIS IS THE FINAL PRODUCT... ok, I missed a button when I took the photo- duh.  This makes me much happier:)

Friday, January 22, 2010

I LOVE my Juki dealer

Juki Jr came home today in place of Mrs. Juki- she had to go back to Juki.  My dealer made it so easy without any downtime.  I'm back in love:)

Valentines Day Project and Juki News

Yes, it was (Juki) once an object of my desire but now, I'm mad at this inanimate object.  The buttonholes began to change and it ain't pretty.  So, I've packaged her up and she's going to the doctor.  It's frustrating when I have to be without it and can't fix it myself.  I think I'm going to take it in and demand they show me what to do.  I'm that kind of person- irritating to some but definitely convenient and helpful for others.  I am that person who figures it out but honestly, I don't want to "learn" on my baby.  Let someone else do it and show me in the process.

With that information, I may not get the Valentines Day cami done.  It is the NL 3426 (view on the right courtesy of New Look

With matching thong. (I'll be making my own pattern for that)  The pattern changes I plan to make include a drawstring attached to dyed elastic so it's easy to slip over my head and adding beads to the drawstring.  I'm going to use contrasting thread on the BL serger to finish the gathers and hem.  The fabric is from the Vera Wang collection from

This is the biggest taste of the fabric today since it is drying after washing and only has a small clip. (It is sold out after the $1.95/yd sale)  This is 100% silk chiffon in a raspberry color.

Washing silk- I use shampoo for color treated hair in a warm water bath, wash by hand and hang to dry.  It takes a lot of the silk smell out of the fabric and doesn't change the color much due to bleeding dyes.  Regardless, silk doesn't hold the intense dye well and will change color over time.  I plan on dyeing my elastic to a nude color so it is hidden when inserted through the casing.

So, price for a silk cami with matching thong- $5.00.  Don't tell anyone:)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SWAP Spring 2010

Photo courtesy:
After a fairly successful SWAP in the fall, I am planning on another wardrobe for the spring.  The olive color is definitely not for me but I could wear it in the form of pants, skirts or shorts.

I'm in the need for items I can wear to work and after hours- good basics.  Although black and white aren't listed as popular this Spring, I found the cutest stretch poplin that will be good for a cute BWOF skirt.

Here's what I plan to make:
4 tops
3 bottoms
1 coat (raincoat)
1 jacket

Here are my patterns so far:

Tops- TNT Hot Patterns t-shirt

DVF rayon knit

Jalie 2682 (probably sleeveless but I haven't decided on that either)

DVF rayon knit

Jalie 2562 (short sleeve version)

DVF rayon knit

I'm unsure what pattern I'll use for the ITY knit- probably something like the Jalie with the crossover.

I'm thinking about a capri, pant and short as well but this is the only one planned so far.


Stretch cotton poplin
Skirt BWOF 1/09- 128 (exclusive design)


BWOF 1/08- 128  with a nice red raincoat fabric and purple coat lining.  (The pantone is more pink but I had this Corvette red in my stash)


BWOF Jacket 10/07-112 (without the hood) made out of gray or bluish stretch poplin (see above).  I'm thinking about adding contrasting zippers and dark buttons with the same top stitching but that will need to be determined.

I'll be a tracing fool in the next few weeks.  Time to finish the Ottobre coat that I started a few weeks ago.  Any thoughts would be appreciated!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not Sewing Related but Breaking That Glass Ceiling

I am the first female dentist in my study club.  It's filled with older male specialists who have the impression that women shouldn't be dentists.  Well, I was voted president today.  Yes, PRESIDENT- the first female member and president.  I'm stoked!

Just a moment of feeling good and knowing the Karma is working.