Friday, December 24, 2010

File 13

Yep, I finished the PJs that were started last year.  How?  I trashed them.  It's only happened a few times but I'm done with Hot Patterns!  It's probably not their fault but definitely mine for many reasons.  Let me name a few:

1) Made the Boudair Bliss pants- had to shorten them significantly and they appeared on me to be clown pants.  This didn't stop me.

2) Moved on to the top- where are all the pattern pieces and instructions?  Yep, missing the band at the bottom and instructions.  Still didn't stop me.

3) Contacted HP and told them what I'd done.  A quick response and then nothing.  Guess it's my fault I lost them both.  Still didn't stop me.

4) Figured out the collar, sewed it up.  Hmm, the sleeves had too much fabric and I just flat out couldn't get it to work.  Next, the collar must have been attached off-grain.  Yep, that stopped me.

My trash is full of a lovely red flannel backed satin.  Oh, yeah, and a Hot Pattern!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Here Begins the Year of Stash Sewing

When times get tough, the tough get going.  Or sewing.  It's been a year of transition.  The funds are limited since the office opened.  I talked last year of bringing my sewing machine to the office to sew when it's slow.  No time for that!  We're busy.  Unfortunately, as a business grows there are sometimes limited funds available.  So, I've decided to only sew from my stash this year.  I figure it's always a good thing to get the fabrics out of the stash after a certain period of time but it's SOOO hard when you see new fabrics online.  Stay offline, right?  Easier said than done...

So, here begins the year of stash sewing.  Now I see I don't have a very big stash!

Photo from

Finishing up the Boudoir Bliss PJs from HotPatterns.  lounging PJs You may remember how the pants looked last year.  Big, big, big.  I'm really too short to wear wide-leg pants but hey, they look so cool in the old movies.  Oh yeah, they usually wear them with heels.  Gotta find some of those feather heels.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Burda 5/09- Finished!

Yes, you're right, I started this in the Spring of 2010.  At least it's the same year.  But, I can say, it may work with a long sleeved shirt, tights and boots for the Fall.  But, it's done.  Another one bites the dust.

5/09 Burda Dress #126

I didn't notice until just now that the buttonholes are vertical and not horizontal- hmm, makes sense.  Too bad it's too late.

The dress is made of a lightweight stable denim.  The buttons are from Joann Fabrics and are tarnished copper.  It's topstitched with black thread for contrast.  It was difficult to decide on the color of thread since I wanted the option to make it more dressy and didn't think the yellow thread would do that for me.

Front view.  It looks a little blackish-blue in color in this photo but it's actually deep blue in a much nicer color. (Picture below looks much more representative of the color)
Close-up of pocket and button

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another item this weekend

Ahh, it's been a nice weekend to sew and get a few things done.  I've been holding this project since July of this year and now it's done.  For a friend's son I've made a lightweight jacket (yeah, I know it's cold now- oops) from Ottobre 4/2010 issue, item # 18 Naava.

Photos from

It's made from corduroy and a nice cotton flannel lining.  The jacket is interlined with fusible fleece.  To limit the bulk I omitted the fleece from the sleeves.  The buttonholes are large for the buttons so he can button it himself as he learns.  It does ask for a snap but I haven't added that yet.

These are the first welt pockets I've made in probably 20 years.  They need a little improvement but overall, they are nice.  I don't think he'll ever use them but they do look nice.  I'd like to think it looks a little Ralph Lauren.

I know I've said it before but it's a good thing (for my pocketbook) that I don't have kids:)

Here are a few photos of the jacket.

Dark brown with a blue plaid corduroy.  This is a view of the outer jacket side.

Ok, the plaid doesn't match up.  Darn it.  Hope the little boy doesn't notice;)

Back view of the jacket.  
Fortunately he'll be wearing so I don't see the plaid issue.  Argh!  Plaid...

Next come the PJs that I started last year.  The plan was to have them done for Christmas last year.  Maybe it will happen that I finish them this year:)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Has It Been THAT Long?


I think it's been about 3 months since I sat down and sewed something.  Really?  Yes, it has been wayyy too long.  So to break up the monotony, I decided it was time for a laptop bag.  Since my life is centered around work and work is my life, why not mesh the two?

I found a cute little pattern but ended up getting a laptop that was too big so I needed to modify it a smidge.  The pattern is from Sew Liberated and is called "Mischievous gnome messenger bag".   First, the dimensions for the finished bag are 13 x 15.  The laptop that it needed to hold is 17x15 so I added 3" to the width.  Also, instead of interfacing I used fusible fleece for the outer portion of the bag.  This resulted in a cushion for the laptop and I feel, a much more substantial bag.

At the new dimensions, it looks a little large but what can I do?  It needed to hold my laptop and receipts and magazines and whatever else I stuffed in it.  Did I mention, I no longer need to workout because I lift weights (i.e.- messenger bag)?

A few other modifications, I added magnetic snaps (the magnet went on the flap) to hold it closed.  I figured it is safe to have the magnets on the flap with several layers between the laptop screen and the electromagnetic force.  Sorry, a little physics slipped:)  I will let you know if it becomes a really bad idea.  Inside I used a jeans zipper for the inner pocket- scratchy to the hands but otherwise nice looking.

Pictures will follow when I find the darn charger for the camera...

Oh, btw, I'm back to sewing again:)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's been a while

I haven't written in the blog for probably months.  Honestly, I probably haven't sewn for that long either.  Projects are in the process and I'm planning on getting this up and going again now that my life has settled. Who knew I could work 16 hour days to get the business off the ground.

Stay-tuned for the updates!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


It's been too long since a post but I promise you, I've been sewing.  Currently I'm working on a Burda Fashion (is that what I should call it?) dress but since it has a MILLION buttons I must wait for a sale.  The SWAP at PR is almost over but my sewing isn't.  I won't finish in time but plan on continuing my sewing and modifying the plan slightly.  It's been a busy summer and as of September 30th, will begin a busy few months.

What's happening?  MY OFFICE IS OPENING!!!  (Yes, I was screaming that.)  We are opening our doors, advertising like mad, waiting on street corners to run  people down so we can drag  them in.  Anything to get the business going.  That should keep me busy trying to stay out of jail;)  Seriously though, I hope there isn't enough time to sew and lots of people to see.  If not, I'll bring my machine and sew at the office.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I can't begin to tell you the feelings I had this afternoon after a long day at work.  My motivation was shot and I was tired of dealing with "stuff".  Well, I had to run by the space (a.k.a.- new office) after work to get some supplies...  Much to my surprise it was framed out.  That means the beginning of the walls were up.

Excitement, power boost, happiness, tears- these were the things I immediately felt.  THIS IS REAL.  I am going to do this- to be a business owner with my own future and others in my hands.  It has taken 6 years to get to the point I was ready and it is a mere 45 days away.  The fear that I once felt has now been replaced with hope and happiness.

On the wall of the office a saying was left from the previous tenant that summed it all up- "Hope is the new happiness."  Over the past few years I have debated on whether Kansas City and I really meshed.  Honestly, I didn't know if this was where I wanted to be in life.  No more guessing, I'm embracing my past, present and future.

There will be ups and downs but overall, I have found my home and it is here.  Welcome home.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Big Sigh!

Good news.  The issues I had wanted to run from are resolved.  Now back to your regularly scheduled programming:)

Sewing updates tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not Sewing Related

That's the disclaimer.  Have you ever thrown a temper tantrum and wished you could hide by sticking your head in the sand?  That's me today.  We haven't even started construction and there are problems with the office.  Lack of adequate disclosure by the city and an architect/contractor who didn't know what was necessary to satisfy the codes is now costing more than $10,000.  Hey, I'm made of money right?  After all, I'm a rich dentist.  Don't believe everything you read!  The bank is going to be the one to come down on this like a ton of bricks.  No money here- it's virtual.  ARGHHH.

If I bury my head in the sand do you think it will get better on its own?  I'm thinking about getting legal advice.  Hey, add that to the bill too.  Gosh, I didn't sign up to learn contract law, codes and contracting in a matter of 90 days but I'm doing it kicking and screaming!

I've been told one day I will look back and laugh about this.  Maybe after I pay off the bank but don't count on it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jalie Top and Burda Shorts done

I'm NOT pleased with the shorts and will probably never wear them.  I did learn a lot though.  First, the shorts ran large.  I ended up taking them up approximately 3" and shortening the crotch curve by 1/2" front and back.  Usually I do a 1/8" to 1/4" shortening but this seems like a lot.  Second, the instructions- need I say more.  The waistband stretched with the final topstitching and it distorted.  Yep, it was interfaced but apparently, I used too much pressure on the presser foot and it pulled the fabric out of whack.  Am I going to fix it- nope, I'm done with a stupid pair of shorts and lots of wasted time.

Tally: Shorts 1, Jennifer 0

This didn't stop me!  Next, I decided my ego was bruised but recovery was possible.  Time for a TNT.  I decided to make the Jalie top # 2910.  Jalie Top #2190 Link

Photo courtesy

I changed the pattern up and decided to add a edge treatment.  Don't know what to call it but the armholes were edged with 1" self fabric and the neckline utilized 2".  It was necessary to modify the back neck since this raised it by 1".  Also, I raised the neckline to make the crossover higher.  I'll get pictures posted on the review and then follow-up here.

Tally: Shorts 1, Jennifer 1 (I'll take it;)

Wardrobe Plan (yes, I'm counting the shorts because I've had 2 wadders and this is wasting my time)
Lesson: Make muslins!!!

Finished top                                                     Neckline with Coverstitching

Wardrobe Composite (Not all pictures have been added)

So, 5 items done.  If I had more time I'd make new shorts.  The Burda dress is traced and will be muslined before I make it.  If I don't finish I figure it's better to have wearable things vs. just completing them.  On the same topic, I finally got La Mia Boutique and there are a few things that are going to be added to replace the Boyfriend jacket and possibly the Simplicity pants.  Still, I really want a boyfriend jacket this season so sewing projects still planned.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Wardrobe That Just Keeps Going

The Wardrobe Contest is still chugging along and so are my projects.  Why is it the more I sew the longer it takes me to get things made?  The tunic that was 4 pieces took 2 weeks, the shorts that are 6 pieces have taken more than 2 weeks to get fitted as well.  Am I becoming more particular?  There isn't time in this contest for perfection- cranking out the garments is the plan.  So, here's the update:

Yep, the Anthropologie knock-off is gone- not enough fabric and couldn't find a replacement.  The second top is also up in the air.  What I've accomplished was done in the first few weeks.  It's not going to come together by the deadline but what I've finished has been worn to death.  After the shorts I'm tracing the dress and starting on the white skirt that's been traced.  Although I've traced it, I'm considering holding onto the pattern and finding a shorts pattern instead.  Ann Taylor has a cute pair of shorts with a boyfriend jacket ensemble that I think is really cute.  Ideally, I need more t-shirts so I'm probably going to go boring and make a few more.  Yes, I know it's boring but it's very wearable with my other items.

Well there are 5 more weeks, give or take a few days, until the contest is over.  That means I need to finish the shorts and both tops this weekend.  Then, 1 item a week until it's over in order to finish on time.  Chugging along... trying not to lose steam.  I really need these items in my wardrobe.

After all these are done, I'm on to make many pairs of pants.  Gotta get a muslin made.  Any suggestions on patterns?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Most Perfect Shoes

Ok, I haven't hidden the fact that I like shoes... ok, LOVE shoes.  I walked my happy self, dress in hand, into Nordstrom to find some shoes.  There was a hidden area that I had to look at, more on that later.  So, had in mind something strappy, metallic and high heeled.  Found:
Donald Pilner Snakeskin sandals

Disclaimer:  I don't condone cruelty to animals but I've dealt with enough snakes to know I really don't care about using them for clothing, pavement decoration or food.  So, if you don't agree with my choice, I respect your opinion but when you find a snake hanging in your closet, let me know what your opinion is after that.  Yes, that actually happened.  That's for another blog entry...

So, the tunic now has shoes to coordinate.  Did I mention the wedding was at Big Sky Ranch in Montana? Do you think I'll go with the cowboy theme?  Where's that cowboy hat???

Almost forgot, the curtain contained the pre-Anniversary Sale items.  Yep, found another pair of shoes there- 50% off so they don't count.  I'll be wearing them this fall with my new wardrobe.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Look 6849

The dress for the wedding this weekend is almost done.  All that is left is the hem.  I've reviewed this at Pattern  You can see it here.

Here's the lowdown...

This pattern allows for much translation.  I basically redid all of the dress- new armholes, new line (straighter and less A-line), lower bust point, square shoulder adjustment, raised the neckline and finally, took out the seams on the front and back.  Did I leave any of the pattern- hardly.

Also, my mom has a great embroidery machine and I find lots of things for her to embroidery- this included.

The color is off slightly.  It's peacock blue and lime green stitching.

This is the invisible zipper- used a new foot and not real happy with the result- 

Another photo-

This is slightly green but shows the detail.

I'll include photos from this weekend later.  Now to find some shoes...

What color do you think I should go with?  I've got a strappy black shoe, camel colored heels but nothing green or blue.  Would silver go?  If so, time to go shoe shopping:)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Time to Change Things Up

Warning:  I'm bored!

Time to change my name to something I've been thinking about.  When coming up with a name for my "designs" I decided on the word "apostrophe".  It's one of my favorites.  So, now my labels will say, "Apostrophe Designs" in fancy script.  Can't wait for them to arrive because I know I'll put them on everything.  My dog had better hide;)

So, "The Furcation" is a thing of the past.  Julie says it's the crotch of the tooth and I'm tired of being a crotch.  I'd rather be puncuation. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wardrobe Contest Update

I LOVE MY SKIRT!!!  It's light, it's cool, it's comfy.  It's so unusual and it fits.  This is the Burda magazine skirt 6/09-103.  I see that it needs to be ironed better so I'm doing that after I post.
Close-up of tie and top stitching

Also, this is the top from the Wardrobe contest- 4/10-102.  It's blousey (sp?) and low cut.  Very reminiscent of the '40s.  Again, nice and cool for the summer.  I'll review them more later- just getting the pictures up now.

Jalie Top, Burda Skirt

Action Shot- see the wrinkles???  Not the ones around my knees the ones at the seam.

I've deleted the failure of a blouse and now need to fill it's space.  There is a top from Modellina I've been wanting to try so it might fill the emptiness.  Boy, did I need some summer clothes that were stylish.
It's funny, my legs don't look so white in person.  Is it because I'm getting older?  They look tan in person but not in the pictures.  Is this what I have to look forward to?  Gosh, does anything get better with age other than wine? 

A family wedding is coming  up in 2 weeks so I'm going to abandon my plan and continue to the dress for the wedding.  Lots of pictures are coming.  Honestly, I was hoping to have a swimsuit finished for the party as well.  Oh well, I should be happy with what I've accomplished so far.  Really, I spent the evening playing on the internet- poor use of time...

Monday, May 31, 2010

Storyboard Part 3

I'm having a tough time figuring out a topper as well as free choice item for PR's Wardrobe Contest this year.  This is a picture of the latest and greatest storyboard.
(click to make larger)

The Burda shirt dress is back.  I found a lightweight denim that should work.  Depending on how large it is, I may choose to add darts in the back to make it more fitted.

See that cute little sleeveless thing on the upper left?  How would you like to shell out $278 clams for that one?  Granted, it's adorable, IMHO and silk but I draw the line at $100 for a sleeveless silk blouse from a mass marketed store.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that store but right now I need to be more frugal.  Here's a close-up.
This will be my inspiration for a cute floral top.  I found a nice border print floral today and will use that for the blouse.  Simple bias tubes adorn the front and flowers are on the right shoulder- they don't look that hard.  I will need to add a facing piece on the left shoulder unless the strips are carried to the should seam- thinking on that one.  The top will cost me about $10 but alas, it's not silk but rather cotton.  

Tomorrow the cutting and sewing begins!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Update on Wardrobe Contest

It's a beautiful day outside and I'm inside tracing... where are my priorities?  Obviously they are with sewing:)

(Click to enlarge)

The vest is on the drawing board but I'll wait until the pieces are done to decide on what I should do there.  Mainly, I'm worried that it won't coordinate.  The shirtdress is still planned but I've changed my thoughts on the fabric.  See, I have a nice lightweight denim, more of a shirt weight that would have been great but then I started thinking...  That always gets me into trouble.  The Burda skirt 6-09-103 would look great in a lightweight denim and it would tie nicely.  So, the denim is being used there for the skirt.  Now I don't know what to use for the shirtdress.

Also, I've got 1 yd of madras plaid I'd love to use as a topper or a pair of shorts.  Honestly, I don't know if it's enough for a pair of shorts that don't show too much of me.  The bermudas take about a yard so I'll lay out the fabric and see if it will work.

Photos of the fabric will come tomorrow after they are washed, dried and ironed sufficiently.  Oh, btw, do you think the topper would be cute in a jersey knit?  Probably won't go with a shirtdress though.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wedding Dress

We have 2 weddings to attend this summer, one in Montana and another in LA.  I'd like to have one dress for both but may change my mind since the temperature is going to vary significantly at each venue.  The dress I'm planning on making and starting the muslin this weekend is New Look 6829.

I'm embellishing the facing piece with metallic thread embroidery, sequins and beads.  The silk is a little dark but since the weddings are in the evening it will look classy.  (Keeping my fingers crossed)

My concern with the pattern is I don't like A-lines on me.  Probably because I'm short and feel like I'm about to float away.  So, the muslin will help me work out the FBA, armhole (armcye) and A-line shape.  
So, plan of attack:
  1. Measure the pattern pieces
  2. Perform a FBA by the slash and spread method
  3. Muslin this up and start making changes
  4. Cut into the silk and make up lining pieces
  5. Send the facing piece over to my mom to have it embroidered
  6. Sequins, beads, sequins, beads...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Love Jalie 2805

Well, I have just thrown out my Hot Patterns t-shirt that was TNT for the Jalie 2805.  I can I just say I LOVE this pattern?  My original review from Jalie review described the issues with the diagrams being mislabeled, that have since been corrected.  So, with this new t-shirt the following changes were made.

  • Increased the hem to 1.5" and used a double coverstitch to hem.
  • Opened the sleeves by 0.5" since the knit is beefier with less stretch
  • Raised the neckline by 0.5"
  • Altered the v-neck binding to make it more pointy- still need to work on that
As you can see, there is a little puckering of the v-neck.  I believe it has to do more with the beefy knit and less with the pattern but back to the drawing board on this one.

After looking at the colors that were supposed to be hot this year, I consulted my stash.  This was one of the projects I didn't finish made for the wardrobe contest this Spring.  Hey, at least I finished it in the same year.  Obviously it is a different pattern but still the same fabric.  A sunny yellow since we are now getting the sun- boy, I've missed you!
You see that darn jacket on the left side?  That's what slowed my Spring wardrobe to a screeching stop.  It's really about done except for the sleeves.  I'm having the darnest time getting the 2-part sleeve to fit right.  You can find it on my ironing board staring at me daily...

So, has another wardrobe contest starting June 1st.  Here's the thread about it. PR Wardrobe Contest 2010  This is a full-blown contest with 10 items.  I'm adding the pants on the lower right from the Spring wardrobe and the purple DVF fabric as well to the new contest.

Here's the preliminary storyboard- nothing set in stone.  I'm missing a RTW or another topper.  Ideas are appreciated.

(Click it to make it larger)

I'd like to make a dress for a couple of weddings I'm attending this summer but they don't go with the plan so add another item to this list- whew!  The dress on the right side will be a shirt dress made from lightweight denim.  I'm busting the stash to get these items done.  Also, the long shorts with the cuff will definitely have the cuff removed.  I don't need anything to make me look shorter!  Do you think that coat will cause me problems?  That's why it's going to be the last item I make and possibly get replaced with the RTW item.  If so, I've got to add another topper- maybe a vest???

What do you think?  

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Finishing UFO

I finally finished the 3 button wrap from SWAK (Sealed with a Kiss) in Oklahoma.  3-button wrap  The buttons are from Sawyer Brook online.  The yarn is Berroco Vintage in a color called Denim, I think... where are those labels?  As you can see, the knit is lighter than the heavy wool they used.  I prefer the light wrap so I can throw it in my carry-on bag for flying and not have to lug around something heavy.  It rolls up nicely but still keeps me warm.  Do you ever take anything to the movies?  I get so cold that I end up taking wraps or blankets to keep warm.  Is this a sign of me getting old?  My husband says my "Ther-mom-e-meter" is broken.

I'm on a blue kick right now...

Also, I sewed up the Jalie 2805 t-shirt pattern with a little added accent.  That was a quick and easy project but check out the copy of my review from  Be aware if you use diagrams because there is a major mix-up with the pattern.

My iron decided to spit up all the minerals in it and deposit them on this top.  Guess I need to clean the iron...  Time to wash the shirt too.
Pattern Description: Choice of t-shirts with 4 sleeve lengths and 4 neckline variations: Jewel neck (A), Mock turtleneck (B), V-Neck (C), overlapped V-neck with decorative buttons (henley) (D).

Pattern Sizing:Childrens thru womens

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Somewhat after I added the flowers.

Were the instructions easy to follow?The instructions are easy once you figure out the pattern pieces- more on that below.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?I love the styling of these patterns. What I didn't like were the drawings on the pattern pieces which were all wrong. BEWARE.

Fabric Used:Cotton-lycra

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:I cut out the henley because the drawing was for a v-neck. I thought it looked odd but chalked it up to a design issue. Not so, it was for the henley and not the v-neck. The front piece for the v-neck is labelled for the round neck. What a mess after I cut them out. Subsequently, I labelled my original pattern pieces so, in the future, I don't make that mistake again.

I also added a rosette on the shoulder to make it a little more trendy. Instructions are on my blog.

I also made a 1/2" FBA. Also, I extended the front by 1/2". For the record, I am a 32DD and typically wear a BWOF 38.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?Yes, I plan to sew it again. I will go down a size if using a really stretchy knit because this top was a little loose for my taste.

Conclusion: Great style, good pattern, see above for the warning. Otherwise, this is a great one to sew and love the way the neckline is done. 

Necklne rosette

Another view- less fuzzy

Love the neckline and how it's attached.
How to make the rosettes:
Cut 6 circles of 1.5 in. diameter.  This will make 3 rosettes.

Fold 1 circle into rough fourths

Place a stitch through the layers

Now attach another circle to the base of the folded circle (this is one rosette)  I used a couple of stitches and gathered them to make the folds more pronounced.

After all of them are done, run a running stitch through the center and attach them to the garment.  (I was going to add beads in the centers but haven't decided finally on that yet.)

I roughly positioned them next to each other to make a broach-type of decoration as you can see above.

Have fun!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another Knitting Project

I've been thinking about another project to start knitting and finally decided on Rowan's Kidsilk Aura sweater called Shaylee.  (Yes, I know, it's going to be summer but when I travel it's easier to take knitting to pass the time.)

I really like the patterns Rowan publishes and this is no exception.  It's rated as easy so what's not to love?

This is the Shaylee pattern as knitted in the Kidsilk Aura.  I find it way too scratchy so I've decided to knit it out of Shibuiknits yarn Silk Cloud.  

Photo courtesy

Colorway: Wasabi

Silk cloud link.  It's 60% Mohair and 40% Silk- yeah, I know, it's still going to have a high itch factor but being that it will always be worn as a cardigan I'm hoping not to crawl out of it too quickly.  I saw a similar yarn at my LYS but they didn't have enough in the same dye lot and couldn't order it for me so I found it at  

It's a little bright but I think with some gray pants for the fall and a crisp white shirt it will look fantastic.  Add a little black and silver jewelry or a different belt and it will really pop, in a good way.  (I hope:)  I was tired of the same purples and blues I've been knitting and really, I've got a lot of black and white sweaters.  This will force me to add a little (or a lot of) color to my wardrobe.

While I was at it, I couldn't help myself and ordered some of the Baby Alpaca DK weight in Peony.  The baby Alpaca isn't as scratchy to me and can be worn closer to the skin.  

 Photo courtesy

I plan to use it in a pullover from the same Rowan brochure.  Funny, it's similar in color...  I like to wear my pullovers with a shirt or turtleneck underneath so the neckline won't be a problem.  Do you think I can knit it in the round?  I'm thinking on that subject.  The pattern does call for a worsted weight but I'll just size up the needle to get the gauge, it will lighten up the sweater a bit or I'll keep the same needle gauge and knit it up a size.  Still considering this- what do you think? 

Honestly, I sure hope it won't itch...