Sunday, November 28, 2010

Burda 5/09- Finished!

Yes, you're right, I started this in the Spring of 2010.  At least it's the same year.  But, I can say, it may work with a long sleeved shirt, tights and boots for the Fall.  But, it's done.  Another one bites the dust.

5/09 Burda Dress #126

I didn't notice until just now that the buttonholes are vertical and not horizontal- hmm, makes sense.  Too bad it's too late.

The dress is made of a lightweight stable denim.  The buttons are from Joann Fabrics and are tarnished copper.  It's topstitched with black thread for contrast.  It was difficult to decide on the color of thread since I wanted the option to make it more dressy and didn't think the yellow thread would do that for me.

Front view.  It looks a little blackish-blue in color in this photo but it's actually deep blue in a much nicer color. (Picture below looks much more representative of the color)
Close-up of pocket and button

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another item this weekend

Ahh, it's been a nice weekend to sew and get a few things done.  I've been holding this project since July of this year and now it's done.  For a friend's son I've made a lightweight jacket (yeah, I know it's cold now- oops) from Ottobre 4/2010 issue, item # 18 Naava.

Photos from

It's made from corduroy and a nice cotton flannel lining.  The jacket is interlined with fusible fleece.  To limit the bulk I omitted the fleece from the sleeves.  The buttonholes are large for the buttons so he can button it himself as he learns.  It does ask for a snap but I haven't added that yet.

These are the first welt pockets I've made in probably 20 years.  They need a little improvement but overall, they are nice.  I don't think he'll ever use them but they do look nice.  I'd like to think it looks a little Ralph Lauren.

I know I've said it before but it's a good thing (for my pocketbook) that I don't have kids:)

Here are a few photos of the jacket.

Dark brown with a blue plaid corduroy.  This is a view of the outer jacket side.

Ok, the plaid doesn't match up.  Darn it.  Hope the little boy doesn't notice;)

Back view of the jacket.  
Fortunately he'll be wearing so I don't see the plaid issue.  Argh!  Plaid...

Next come the PJs that I started last year.  The plan was to have them done for Christmas last year.  Maybe it will happen that I finish them this year:)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Has It Been THAT Long?


I think it's been about 3 months since I sat down and sewed something.  Really?  Yes, it has been wayyy too long.  So to break up the monotony, I decided it was time for a laptop bag.  Since my life is centered around work and work is my life, why not mesh the two?

I found a cute little pattern but ended up getting a laptop that was too big so I needed to modify it a smidge.  The pattern is from Sew Liberated and is called "Mischievous gnome messenger bag".   First, the dimensions for the finished bag are 13 x 15.  The laptop that it needed to hold is 17x15 so I added 3" to the width.  Also, instead of interfacing I used fusible fleece for the outer portion of the bag.  This resulted in a cushion for the laptop and I feel, a much more substantial bag.

At the new dimensions, it looks a little large but what can I do?  It needed to hold my laptop and receipts and magazines and whatever else I stuffed in it.  Did I mention, I no longer need to workout because I lift weights (i.e.- messenger bag)?

A few other modifications, I added magnetic snaps (the magnet went on the flap) to hold it closed.  I figured it is safe to have the magnets on the flap with several layers between the laptop screen and the electromagnetic force.  Sorry, a little physics slipped:)  I will let you know if it becomes a really bad idea.  Inside I used a jeans zipper for the inner pocket- scratchy to the hands but otherwise nice looking.

Pictures will follow when I find the darn charger for the camera...

Oh, btw, I'm back to sewing again:)