Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final Farewell to 2009

I won't summarize my sewing accomplishments or lack thereof but will make a few resolutions for the following year.

1. I resolve to tell people who make a difference in my life how they are important to me.  Give more compliments or praise where it is due.

2.  I resolve to make a plan for my sewing- sort the stash, muslin what's new and make more clothes that are wearable with my other clothes.

3.  Work out harder and become stronger- inside and out.

4. Change my hair to something fresh and new.

5.  Learn a new technique for doing something new or old both in my personal and professional lives at least once a month.

Back to sewing...
The muslin for the Ottobre coat is done.  I'm glad I did it because now I know the skirt is very a-line and I do like the thought of pockets.  I had once thought I'd insert pockets in the side seams but that seems too far back on this pattern.  Appropriate placement for me is right where they put them.  Although, I don't like the patch pockets which are designated for this coat.  Now off to learn a new technique and how to place some inconspicuous welt pockets in the front.

The coat will have an interlining of muslin to reinforce the back and front.  I'm still deciding on the interlining of cotton flannel.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

Zebra for coat
Originally uploaded by a2thstudent

I'm finishing up a late Christmas gift and then off to trace an Ottobre jacket pattern 5/2009 #6 for this fabric.  After much consideration and lots of opinions, thanks ladies, it will be official today.  Since the snow is so reflective, I think it will be a good day to trace on the window- cold, but good.  My husband has committed to watch the dog and play with her so I can get this started.

Since this will be my first Ottobre pattern, a muslin is definitely in order.  I'm going to test the fabric as well for changes that may occur when ironing/pressing with a cloth and at different settings.  No washing for this coat since the fabric is a silk/linen upholstery fabric.

I've washed the cotton flannel and am considering interlining the front and back for warmth but will decide that after I get the fashion fabric cut out because it might be heavy enough.  Really, can I ever be too warm?

BTW, the high today is 28 F without the wind and it's still snowing.  I helped dig someone out yesterday because they got stuck in a driveway.  Where do I live again?  This weather is definitely different.  We're nearing a foot of snow today- happy sewing.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Party Dress- BWOF

Just some photos of the final dress and thoughts...

This is without a shaper and honestly, I didn't like the shaper.  The fabric had a tendency to cling to it and make it all wrinkly.  I will try a tricot slip next time.

Hubby was in a hurry since he likes to get places early so this is all I got- 2 out-of-focus pictures.  Hopefully I can take more this afternoon since it's sunny outside.  FYI, the shaper kept me really warm but it was like I was trying on a little girl's pair of pants or a.k.a., packing sausage.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Working Through the Stash

I've been finishing items from the UFO and stash piles this week.  The first shirt for my husband, actually the muslin, has been cut out and is ready to assemble.  I'll show the progress as it occurs.  The little red dress is done and photos will be coming as of Tues. evening when the party is here.

The Hot Patterns Boudoir PJs have almost become a wadder.  The pant legs are large enough for me to stand in one leg alone.  I don't want to destroy them but will probably be cutting the legs down by about half so I lose the Samurai appearance- that's not attractive.  Again, more pictures to follow. (promises, promises)  I am hopeful the top for this pattern is more attractive.  A muslining I will go...

Projects to finish up December:
1. Muslin and hopefully 1 shirt for my husband
2. Hot Patterns Boudoir PJ top
3. Finish the Amy Butler bags
4. Complete the re-hemming of my RTW pants that always seem to come apart

Stay tuned for photos.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BWOF Dress 5/09-103B Done

(Photo from Burda
It's a hot little dress!  Sooner Red baby.

 This is the bodice over exposed to show detail.  I doubled the front bodice fabric to give it some beefiness so it would hold up better.  Also, no FBA was necessary but  small swayback, broad back and round back adjustments were made.  I used clear elastic cut 3.5 cm shorter than the cross-over portion of the bodice to make it hug better.

The cuffs were the most ambiguous part of the instructions with basically- turn the cuff.  Hmm, the pattern didn't allow for turning the cuff so it would look like the picture.  So, I improvised.  I sewed the sleeve right sides together from the armscye to the first turn and then flipped it inside out and sewed from the first turn until the end with the wrong sides together.  Then, I turned the cuff and slip stitched it into place. Viola!

The hem is fused with Fusi-Knit interfacing.  I then hand stitched the hem to the interfacing for a completely invisible hem as you can/can't see above.


As you can tell from the Burda photo, it is a fitted dress.  I don't feel comfortable showing off my stuff like that so I let the side seams out in the skirt by 1/4" in each and now it fits nicely.  Also, since I'm not 5'6 I had to shorten the dress by 1.5" so it hit slightly above the knee.  Not too vampy for my hubby's Christmas party.

Now, if I could only figure out how to make nice Italian shoes I'd be set in life...

More pictures of me wearing it will be posted later.

Monday, December 7, 2009

BWOF update and other stuff

I have made my muslin for the dress, fashion fabric single layer and then it was ripped out.  The single layer was too lightweight for the top and continued to roll outward at the neckline.  I decided to take the fashion fabric and self-line the front bodice.

I will post pictures when I get them taken.

The neckline has a deep-v and to prevent gaposis, I used clear elastic applied with my serger and then flipped the lining to the inside.  From there I topstitched it down.  The instructions call for interfacing the hem and topstitching it in place.  I am considering other options for finishing this area.

The skirt portion is fitted, as I knew it would be but, I don't flaunt well.  So, I added 1/4" to both side seams to make the skirt hang more.

Adjustments made: slight round back, broad back, sway back. (lots of back adjustments so this tells me I must be getting old;)  Petite upper bodice and shorten the skirt by 1.5".  The sleeves are going to be the same length.

Tonight I finish it- hopefully.  More pictures as I progress.

Other stuff:
I am so happy, many people have found me from my other blog to have dental care completed through me.  I can't tell you how happy this makes me to know that people would make the trek out to see me for their care.  I am so thankful for all the fantastic people in my life!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Dress

I have decided to make a dress for my husband's company's Christmas party.  The one I have chosen is a BWOF 5-2009-103. (photos from

It looks very fitted on the model and I assume she must have a shaper on to make it look so smooth.  The pleating in the front is like the technical drawing but less like the model.  I considered not having a center back seam but knew I'd have to take a swayback adjustment and upper back curve adjustment.  My major concern was the front and whether it was too low cut and not enough coverage requiring major adjustments.

I have started on the muslin and so far, it appears to fit straight off the pattern for a 36.

The dress is going to be a true red jersey knit of a heavier weight.  I'll post more photos as I get started- the dress needs to be done by next week.  I'd really like to get a pair of sexy shoes but since I'm on a limited budget this year, it probably won't happen.  But look at my choices:

This is my number 1 choice- glittery without being over the top and sexy as can be!

A practical pair but just as sexy.  (do you see the theme?)

 Practical yet...