Saturday, June 27, 2009

My new baby- aka- Juki FS600

I won't buy this machine, I won't buy this machine- repeat as many times as necessary. Well, I forgot what I was supposed to say. After trying out the machine for about 2.5hrs, I took the plunge. It is so intuitive- makes total sense and best of all, it uses the Elna feet I already have. I will attach pictures when I get it. She is supposed to arrive in mid-July. This is the most advanced machine I've ever owned but I'm ready for it. Did I mention she is looking for other people interested in buying one at a lower price? If you're interested, let me know and I'll you in touch with her. The price is going up $450 in 2 weeks. Shhh, the machine is worth double what they are asking;)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

BWOF skirt almost done

I've decided I'm a BWOF size 36 on the bottom. After removing all the extra ease I wish I had gone ahead and cut out the smaller size but who knew? Measuring a flat pattern without a marked horizontal line as reference is a pain. Yes, I could have measured from the hemline but it was difficult to tell where the fullest part would be. As you know, I traced it on sewer paper and it's almost translucent. As you can see here-
The fabric is a RL white stretch denim from EOS. Because it has stretch and I didn't want it to grow when I wore it, I made it snug so the size went down from the 36 to what I guess to be around 32 (if only that were true for non-stretch--sigh).

Moment of digression-

I recently decided to organize my sewing stash and can't do it all at once. So, every time I start a new project I have to organize something from that project (ie- interfacing). I pulled all my interfacing out and sorted in Ziploc bags and labeled each to the type of interfacing. Then, I put them in a labeled plastic container. Honestly, there might be a better way of doing that but it looks like it will work. This way I know how much interfacing I have and if I need to get more of a certain type.
Back to the skirt...

The front facing seems to be the issue since the instructions are vague and the words just get mixed up when I try to decipher them. So, threw them out (not literally) and used my sewing knowledge (yeah, that took 2 seconds to run through it;) to figure out how I was going to attach the front portion. Since this is stretch denim it's not necessary that the buttons work but I wanted the look of a button front. Another reviewer on PR put the buttons on and didn't make them functional- I'm thinking on that idea...

Here is how I did the front portion of the skirt- sew the CF and top edges together after they have been interfaced (I used FusiKnit), trim and turn.

Press them well and add top-stitching-

Now, overlap the left over the right or the other way if you prefer- pin

Pin the facing to the skirt front making sure you have not lost the seam allowance at the top and the facing is flush right and left sides at the overlap. (sounds like BWOF instructions...)

Attach at the bottom seam and then along the sides of the facing.

Now, attach the facings to the top of the skirt.

I used an invisible zipper from Cleaners Supply. (zipper photo) They are so much more reasonable than Joanns for the price of notions. Since I'm on notions, I got some buttonhole twist in white from them for the topstitching. My Elna loves it but not the bulk. I'm waiting to try out the new Juki FS600 at my local dealer when it arrives. (I'm so excited!!!)

I topstitched like a pair of jeans with a single needle. I'm sure the CoverPro 1000 could have handled this like a dream but I wanted less bulk so there wouldn't be rippling after the skirt was washed- nice and smooth seams. I used buttonhole twist for topstitching.

My hem ended up being about 3.5in but seems to work well because of the topstitching. Photo of finished skirt will come after the buttons are attached.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Project BWOF 4-2009 101A

In the early spring I got some wonderful white stretch denim from Emma One Sock with the intention of making some white jeans from the new Jalie pattern. But, after careful consideration, I figured I wear more skirts during the summer so that's what I'm making: BWOF 4-2009, 101A

I traced the pattern and all sizes and will baste it together to find out which size to make. I'm sure there is an easier way but I have yet to find it. I used sewer paper from Lowes. This isn't ideal because it pulls terribly and the pen leaks through but, it gets the job done. I may transfer this to a muslin.

This pattern has been reviewed on PR and I have read that it's very A-line. I used to think I was X-shaped (or hourglass) but not anymore. I'm thinking my shape is on the verge of a V-shape with the upper body larger than the lower body. (Ain't gettin old grand?) Anyhow, I'm trying to bring focus away from the big girls and more to the lower part of my body. To hear a woman say that it's almost blasphemy! If necessary, I may make it more pencil skirt-ish. The buttons on the front are functional but I don't like the way it looked on the other reviews so I may lengthen the zipper and make it a fake facing.

The pockets are cut on the fold so there will be 2 thicknesses of the denim plus seams on each pocket- I don't care how little you are, who wants all that denim on the front? So, I'm planning on making the pockets lined with a cotton stretch poplin from my stash. The big question I'm having is the topstitching. I think when I run with Chloe and I've done a lot of thinking about this skirt. The thoughts are as follows: 1. White topstitching, 2. Light gray topstitching, 3. Tan topstitching, 4. Combination of 2 colors. What do you think????

I'm anxious to try my Janome CP1000 for the topstitching. Yes, I've been afraid to actually open it up and get her (hereafter referred to as Nan) going. Mainly because I don't have the space to keep it out. The next thing on my list is to get one of those shelves from Lowes that is installed in cabinets that can be mounted below and brought up when you need it. (That's what I'm thinking about at least)

Speaking of naming things, I think it's time to give my machines or as I was taught in chemistry, they are now machines but "instruments", names. Here we go, and yes, I can change my mind- I'm a girl after all!
Janome CoverPro1000- Nan (because Jan is too obvious;)
Elna 3007- Bertha (sounds strong!)
BabyLock Serger- Hummer (cause that's what it sounds like)

Let's see if they stick. I'll post pictures of my progress as I go along.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Sunday was the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City's Dog-n-Jog. The weather held out for us with only a few sprinkles. This makes our 4th DnJ since coming to KC. Now we're even famous- Dog-n-Jog

Chloe is even happy about the weather! Strut with Your Mutt is the next function we do as a FAMILY. No kids-just dogs is our motto;) Chloe has no idea she is going to get a sister or brother one day. We're planning on expanding the fam to include another 4-legged hairy beast or beastess.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm going to go broke sewing for other people's children and I LOVE IT!

McCall 5720 is my newest venture. I got side tracked from the frog when I didn't add seam allowances. My OCD-ism set in so I got started on something that was brainless for me.

Lance and I went over to a couples house and they have 2 young girls. During dinner we were talking about cooking and both the girls piped up and said how they liked to cook with their parents in the kitchen. So, being a sewist that I am, I took it upon myself to make them matching aprons. Nothing fancy but I'm thinking they are going to enjoy them for a while. Here's a picture in progress...

I made the apron adjustable so the girls could grow into them. I tried them on and the current pattern is very long. The tie at the top would not have allowed the girls coverage for their clothes.

I had an issue with the buttonholer when I did this one- drat. I tried to fix it but it wouldn't fix properly. Hopefully the child will overlook this area;)

This is a view of the finished apron. I omitted the ruffle on the bottom.

The apron has coordinating ribbon on the pockets and along the outer portion of the apron.

How can you go wrong with cupcakes? One of the little girls has a HUGE sweet tooth; given the opportunity, she would probably eat sweets for every meal. She does this only to add to her sweetness! She's a handful but I love seeing her spunk.

No more boring pincushions

I don't remember owning a pincushion. The tomatoes are still around but this is just a little whimsical. It is a pear from the Heather Bailey collection. This may have created a monster (thinking Christmas).

I used little scraps of fabric I had laying around and it took a total of 1 hr to make- that's because I was drinking wine at the time and had to take time away to play on the internet. It is stuffed with crushed walnut shells and polyfil.

Look out fellow sewists- the pincushions are coming!