Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lost my sewing mojo

It's been months since I wanted to sew.  The machine sits waiting for me to warm it up and use it.  I look at it with trepidation.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Where did it go?

I'm speculating here but think it may have started months ago.  My TNT Burda changed their pattern sheets- hit number 1.  Next, their styles became blah- hit number 2.  Sewed a few tops that ended up trashed- hit number 3. (Others have analyzed it.  They have determined I don't know what in the heck I'm doing with the other pattern companies and must be cutting out the wrong size.  Another topic for another day but surely I'm not THAT big;)  Finally, I got busy, the weather got bad, I got bored.

Hunting through patterns I already had yielded no increased desire.  Could it be gone forever?

Welcome March, Burda.  I still haven't received February, it's another bust for me but hope is eternal.  My mojo is waiting for Spring.

Hello new designs of March:

Love the peplum

Wouldn't this be pretty in a silk-dupioni?  I have a formal banquet in mid-March, dare I pair it with a little sheath dress?  Will I have time?

A knit casual skirt- ah!  I can see it pair with a hoodie and tennis shoes.  A casual and definitely dated look I'm sure but all me.
Photo from

Another drop in 1980, where's the Polo guy?

Not sure about the asymmetrical part but it looks so Springy, I couldn't resist.

I'd like to welcome back my Mojo, you've been gone far too long.  Oh, saw these cute shoes too and think they would look nice with a denim skirt... just a thought.

Shoe photos from Piperlime and clothing from


  1. C'mon mojo! I think if you just sit down at the machine it will come back. That is what I did this afternoon...

  2. Browsing on-line always gets my mojo going, too!! Glad to hear it's back. So, we can expect to see that jacket by the end of March?