Sunday, May 3, 2015

Where I've been.

Well, sewing has been on hiatus.  With no children I have ventured out and found some who don't mind wearing what I make them.  One dress done and another in the works.  I'll post photos when complete.

On to other topics.  In the past year I've picked up embroidery by machine.  A Pfaff became part of my working machines.  It's been a learning curve.  Pinterest reflects what I've been up to.  How many of you Pin?  Isn't it the greatest thing ever?  Patterns, ideas, projects, recipes, style help... it's endless. Follow me if you are so inclined, Jennifer Mc is my user name.

A little outside of the sewing room...

Summer has arrived and I've worked my tail off to get the house in order for the season ahead.  Summers are so harsh in the Midwest.  I feel like we start over every year just to lose headway the following season.

The deck needs boards repaired again...  the screws won't come out so what is a girl to do?  Avoidance for a short while longer will be my option.  Here are a few things I've been doing.

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