Thursday, July 9, 2009

Run with your Dog

I got this cool and kinda heavy (hmm) belt to run with Chloe hands-free. It's from Cardio Canine. I'm going to try it out this morning! It even came with it's own little water bottle. Chloe promptly stuck her nose in the box and was disinterested. I guess she figures it's a leash for her- she would prefer to be FREE (insert verse from "Born Free"). I'll keep you informed on how it worked and maybe even enclose a picture of the tired dog;)

Sewing stuff- I traced the BWOF dress from the July 2009 issue and am going to get coordinating jersey knit today. I have to hem the skirts I've been working on and get some more stretch piping from Zoelees and my UFO will be done. Since it's going to be almost 100 this weekend and Lance is out golfing, I plan on doing some sewing and sunning. More later today since I have the day off- can't believe it's almost the weekend again...

1 comment:

  1. I'm still in shock that furcation doesn't mean doggy vacation, or something of the sort.

    Love you dahlin'