Thursday, April 15, 2010

Darn Burda Fabric Search

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Anyone who was interested in this skirt from the BWOF March 2010 issue is out of luck, with the fabric that is.  It was out of stock either immediately or prior to release of the issue.  So, I went on the internet, sought advice from the helpful ladies on PR but came up empty, until...

Michaels Fabrics sent me an email.  They have many sequined fabrics.  I shot off another email with a link to the skirt and my requirements.  Honestly, I didn't think they'd send samples but rather digital photos of the fabrics.  Much to my joyous surprise, the fabric arrived today.

Too cute!  I am afraid to ask the cost though.

Zebra print- I love Zebra but am afraid I've got too much of it.

These pictures really don't do it justice- the top one is really pretty in person.

Another view of the top one.
Red & Orange of the same style.  The white is awfully pretty too and a colored underlay would really be nice.
I love the lime green one in the center.  It might make a more comfortable skirt but how in the world would I sew it?  Surely not all by hand?

The black and gold is so classy.  I like the black as well but a little too calm for me:)

Now, where do I go from here?  How does one sew with sequined fabric?  Any suggestions before I ask the cost/yd?

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  1. Gorgeous fabrics.Wish I could help you but I have not used this fabric.I would imagine you would go through many needles!