Saturday, April 10, 2010

Progress on Burda Magazine Jacket & I LOVE SNAPS!

Burda Magazine Jacket

Well, the jacket is progressing nicely.  I ordered unusual heavyweight separating zippers from  
They were much too long so I had to alter the length.  It's not as easy as it sounds with heavy teeth.  I took a new pair of wire cutters to the teeth and then peeled them away from the binding.  From there, I added a stop with thread.  Unfortunately, I couldn't separate the stop from the top of the zipper so this was my only other option without a zipper repair kit.  
Next, I added snaps from  They are size 24, brushed silver.

This is the tool used to set the snaps.  It's so easy but don't be fooled.  Making sure the snap is centered is challenging.  Not to mention, there is a piece of plastic that can get in the way if you need to place the snap further toward the middle of the garment.  (See it rising above the tool on the left side in the photo above?)  Don't get me wrong, this makes it almost foolproof.  Love my snaps now.

This is the back of the jacket showing both ends of the snap.  I did forget to reinforce the insert portion of the snap.  Fortunately, it's only for decoration so I don't have to worry about it pulling in the future.

This is a close-up of the snap- doesn't it look great?  Do you see how the topstitching thread has pulled to the back slightly?  I'm thinking on this but am not worried about it in this garment.  Remember, this is my $1.95 fabric from


Just another view.  Can you tell I like it?

While I was at it, I got some in size 20, which are black, for my Simplicity pants.   (Image on the lower left)  I talked about them in this post.

I've seen these types of pants all over the place and love the thought they're going to be a little "dressier" with a more sateen finish.  Can't wait to wear my new heels.  Believe it or not, these are super comfortable and make me look incredibly tall.  That's not a small feet (feat) for a woman of 5'4.  

These are navy blue Chie Mihara shoes.  It's my first experience with this designer.  If only I could design shoes...  Why don't we have that option here in the states?

I'm hoping to finish the jacket this weekend and then start on the muslin for the pants.  Now, what to wear for a top?  Any suggestions on fabric and style?  Remember, I think I've got big arms so no showing off of them if I can help it.

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  1. Your jacket is looking fantastic, I really love the topstitching. Great work!!