Saturday, August 21, 2010


It's been too long since a post but I promise you, I've been sewing.  Currently I'm working on a Burda Fashion (is that what I should call it?) dress but since it has a MILLION buttons I must wait for a sale.  The SWAP at PR is almost over but my sewing isn't.  I won't finish in time but plan on continuing my sewing and modifying the plan slightly.  It's been a busy summer and as of September 30th, will begin a busy few months.

What's happening?  MY OFFICE IS OPENING!!!  (Yes, I was screaming that.)  We are opening our doors, advertising like mad, waiting on street corners to run  people down so we can drag  them in.  Anything to get the business going.  That should keep me busy trying to stay out of jail;)  Seriously though, I hope there isn't enough time to sew and lots of people to see.  If not, I'll bring my machine and sew at the office.

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