Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jalie Top and Burda Shorts done

I'm NOT pleased with the shorts and will probably never wear them.  I did learn a lot though.  First, the shorts ran large.  I ended up taking them up approximately 3" and shortening the crotch curve by 1/2" front and back.  Usually I do a 1/8" to 1/4" shortening but this seems like a lot.  Second, the instructions- need I say more.  The waistband stretched with the final topstitching and it distorted.  Yep, it was interfaced but apparently, I used too much pressure on the presser foot and it pulled the fabric out of whack.  Am I going to fix it- nope, I'm done with a stupid pair of shorts and lots of wasted time.

Tally: Shorts 1, Jennifer 0

This didn't stop me!  Next, I decided my ego was bruised but recovery was possible.  Time for a TNT.  I decided to make the Jalie top # 2910.  Jalie Top #2190 Link

Photo courtesy Jalie.com

I changed the pattern up and decided to add a edge treatment.  Don't know what to call it but the armholes were edged with 1" self fabric and the neckline utilized 2".  It was necessary to modify the back neck since this raised it by 1".  Also, I raised the neckline to make the crossover higher.  I'll get pictures posted on the review and then follow-up here.

Tally: Shorts 1, Jennifer 1 (I'll take it;)

Wardrobe Plan (yes, I'm counting the shorts because I've had 2 wadders and this is wasting my time)
Lesson: Make muslins!!!

Finished top                                                     Neckline with Coverstitching

Wardrobe Composite (Not all pictures have been added)

So, 5 items done.  If I had more time I'd make new shorts.  The Burda dress is traced and will be muslined before I make it.  If I don't finish I figure it's better to have wearable things vs. just completing them.  On the same topic, I finally got La Mia Boutique and there are a few things that are going to be added to replace the Boyfriend jacket and possibly the Simplicity pants.  Still, I really want a boyfriend jacket this season so sewing projects still planned.

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