Sunday, April 5, 2009

Burda WOF Blouse

Updated picture of me in the blouse. I didn't realize I was so shiny!!!

I finally finished another project that wasn't planned. I'd been lusting after this voile since last year and it finally went on sale at Gorgeous Fabrics. Well, I hand washed it and air dried this lovely piece but when I got ready to use it to make a skirt, there was a darned area right in the pattern. Unfortunately, I wanted to get started on the fabric so I used this pattern. Gorgeous fabrics replaced the piece (thank you!!!!) so now I have enough to make a slightly smaller skirt.

Tie in the front. Since the machine is now sufficiently fixed, the buttonholes will not be shown. I hate the way they look.
The shirt has french seams and small hems since it raveled like a b----.

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