Saturday, November 14, 2009

Finally Finished- BWOF 8/200-119 Jacket

(BWOF photo from website)

This jacket has taught me a lot about my skills or lack thereof.  I've decided to walk away from it and figure out how to press it nicely.  The fabric shows all pressing issues- yuck!

My jacket as I wore it today- notice the dog doesn't care...

Almost ready for the military in this pic.

This shows the covered snaps nicely.

Still needs pressing.

It looks a little pink in the photo- poor lighting.

Here are a few pictures of the snaps and how to cover them.

First, cut the fabric about twice the size of the snap.  I applied Fray-Check to the center where it was to be cut out for the snap portion.

I then added a rough running stitch around the perimeter.  As you can see, the center is cut out for the snap portion- keep it small.

I used snaps that were about 1" in diameter.  Nice size and easy to work with.

This is the snap pushed through the hole and slightly gathered.

This is the fully gathered and covered snap.

This is the underside, you can see it's gathered tightly with an excess of fabric.  Try to keep it to a minimum so the snap attaches flat to the garment.

Here are the snaps placed on the jacket.  It's a nice touch but they aren't very strong with the fabric attached.

As you can see, the pressing is an issue- look at the middle snap- it's caved in where it should be smooth.  I'm not sure how to remedy this but I'm going to sleep it on it.

I love the sleeves- they are 2 parts and have a cute cuff.

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  1. Love it! Lets see a picture of you wearing it! It looks very sophisticated in your color choice.

  2. Beautiful job on the jacket, and I love the idea for the covered snaps. Fantastic work!!

  3. I love the color you chose, you'll get a lot of use out of it! I'm working on this pattern right now, so you dedication to detail is really helpful! Nice job!

  4. I'm loving the color of your jacket too! You did a great job on it!