Sunday, November 1, 2009

Organization feels so fine...

I went through my complete stash and organized it to the max.  I also posted some fabrics that I've been holding onto in the event I find something cute to make them into.  Unfortunately, I found that my tastes have changed.  (They are on PR if you're interested)

Using the stash management method on PR, I cut small swatches of all the fabrics, measured, estimated their content if I didn't know what it was and filed them neatly in a notebook.  Then I folded and sorted into plastic tubs based on fabric type- i.e.- knits, silks, coating, lining, etc.  Now I'm all ready to go through my patterns and do the same.

I haven't figured out how to sort the patterns so that I remember what I've got.  I guess I could make a copy of the detail page with yardages but I'd like to find a better way.  If only I could scan.  Do you think taking a picture of it and downloading it into a photo album, like my BWOFs, would work?  I'll take suggestions.

Also, since learning to fit my body type, I threw away all those UFOs that I knew weren't going to meet with my satisfaction.  Well, I donated the fabric.  After getting over feeling guilty, it was like Christmas when I found fabric I didn't know I had and it was still in style- yippee.

It's now time to prioritize my sewing.  Lance needs some shirts, I have 3 projects to finish, 2 pants that need re-hemmed and a coat to make.  Guess that's prioritizing...

I'm also knitting up a storm.  Due to a short trip to San Antonio, I think I might finish some of those projects on airplanes and in airports.  I'll post pictures of the projects as they progress.  BTW, I can't believe it's November.

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  1. Good for you on the organizing front! I've got to go through my fabric soon!

    I'm no help on the pattern problem, though, as mine are just stuffed in 3 drawers...