Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Gifts

My dear friend from dental school is expecting her first baby girl in April so I decided to make a few gifts for the new baby.  After making the New Years resolution to learn something new in my personal and professional lives monthly, this satisfies the February requirement.

I tuned in to YouTube after seeing bows and headbands at a posh store selling for $6-10 each.  That's crazy!  Not that I wanted to go cheap but seriously, if I can make the same things for less then she can get more.  Also, I can personalize them to the mother/daughter.  So, after a trip to Hobby Lobby, (they were having a sale on the ribbon) I was stocked and ready.

Also, I found some Minky and Zebra print flannel in hot pink to make a blanket.  Baby blankets at this store were also about $75 each.  The mother wants a hot pink animal print theme for the little baby.  Do you think I over did this???

Blanket and basket (these baskets are great for wet toys from the bath)

So, here are the fruits of my efforts.  My mom is embroidering some towels for burp cloths and lining them with some fab animal print I also found at Hobby Lobby.  Who knew they were such a good resource?

These are the fronts of the bows, flowers and butterfly (it's got beads on it and is too cute IMHO).  I also made the headband from an elastic ribbon.

This photo shows the backs of the hair accessories.  Each clip is covered with coordinating ribbon to hide it better.

The assembled gift- it looks like it has eyes:)

Side view of the gift prior to wrapping.

This was fun to make and super easy.  I hadn't used my glue gun in a while so it was nice to get it out.

If you want to learn to make various bows, here is the link to on YouTube.
Hair-Hardware Tutorial

So, 4 burp cloths ($14 ea. retail), 2 flower accessories ($10 ea) , 5 bows ($6 ea), 1 butterfly ($10 ea), 1 hat ($6), 1 headband ($6), 1 baby blanket ($75)and a basket later($2.50 actual)- my cost $36.  The actual estimated cost of retail- $177.50.  Sometimes it pays to make things yourself.

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