Friday, February 5, 2010

Dreaming of Sugar!

My mom got me interested in this project.
It's making a pillowcase for children going through cancer treatments or admitted to various hospitals for "scary" stuff.  So, on a snowy day I got into the car and let fate take control.  This is what it ended up telling me to make...  sugar laden dreams!


Accent strip with batiste for the collar

I used instructions from Quilters Haven, Olathe, KS.  They are pretty simple but here are instructions if you're interested in making one, or more, yourself.  I serged all seams to finish them off.
Pillow instructions (1 method)

The accent strip which is basically a strip 40"x 1.75" which is not included in the pattern above.  Talk about a super easy project but way too much fun.  This would make a wonderful project for teaching kids how to sew because it involves straight lines but overall, simple.

I've contacted some ladies here in KC to see if they would be interested in helping.  We're going to donate to our local Children's Hospital- Children's Mercy

How great will these kids feel when they get to pick out their own pillowcase and take it with them when they leave?  One father wrote about his daughter who called it her "Magic Pillowcase" and she felt it helped her get better. (Wiping a tear)  So, off to CM this pillowcase goes.  I hope the little girl (I assume) finds it just as magical!

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  1. What a wonderful charity.I'm sure the cupcak pillow will make someone very happy!

    You asked a question on my blog... but I don't havean email address for you. I'll answer on my blog - beneath your comment - in case someone else was wondering the same thing.