Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ok, the new Pantone chart has come out for FALL 2010!  http://www.pantone.com/downloads/articles/pdfs/PANTONE_Fashion_Color_Report_Fall_2010.pdf

Alright, it's nice and all but seriously, this cruddy Winter isn't over yet and we're thinking about next Fall.  Give me a break: I'm not buying it.  Since this Winter has proven to be a bad one that will not let go, I am going to spend my time dreaming of Spring and not the next Fall and Winter to come.  Please, give me a break here, I've been quiet (for the most part) about all the snow and gloominess this year...

Join the crusade to stop this Winter!  Start sewing for a long Spring and Summer.

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  1. Oh I so agree! I was reading Women's Wear Daily and even they made a comment about the fact that designers are showing the fall collections in the tents at the same time the spring collections are just rolling into stores. The whole supply chain of the fashion industry needs to change. Grrrr...