Friday, March 12, 2010

Organizing for Spring- Again

I've adopted the method of storing my fabric stash and categorizing it based on the type of fabric so now I've got to find the time to sew.  You know you have a problem when you need to put the Winter fabric away so the Spring and Summer fabrics are in quick reach.  I need to stop buying, or rather, I need to start sewing.

A few things on the list:

I thought these pants (View F) were super cute. (They are the pants on the lower left with the ties)
Pants pattern link where you can zoom in to see better.

I plan to make them out of a putty colored stretch sateen with black topstitching and buttons.  They will be a little dressier so heels will look more appropriate.

Next up, boxers for the hubby and a summer shirt.  Boxers are so expensive and I can make them for much less.  The boxers will be based off the Jalie pattern for men.  It appears the sizing corresponding to his measurements will make really big boxers.  I know, that never happens with Jalie.  So, I've taken a pair he really likes and am using that to determine the size I'll sew.

Tommy Bahama has some great men's shirts but honestly, the price is a bit much for what you get.  So, pattern in hand, I found some great fabric (on-sale) at  It's soft but has a great smooth surface.  My hubby and I have an inside joke that involves dolphins looking like sharks.  This is the closest I could find to dolphins/sharks.

On the professional front, I am waiting to hear back on the lease for the office space.  Tuesday is D-day and hopefully they will concede to my demands.  If so, we're off and running.  The bank has approved my request, items have been put on hold and the office should then open by June.  If the leasehold company doesn't approve what I've asked then who knows what is going to happen.  More waiting...

I love comments so please don't be shy.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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