Friday, July 23, 2010

The Wardrobe That Just Keeps Going

The Wardrobe Contest is still chugging along and so are my projects.  Why is it the more I sew the longer it takes me to get things made?  The tunic that was 4 pieces took 2 weeks, the shorts that are 6 pieces have taken more than 2 weeks to get fitted as well.  Am I becoming more particular?  There isn't time in this contest for perfection- cranking out the garments is the plan.  So, here's the update:

Yep, the Anthropologie knock-off is gone- not enough fabric and couldn't find a replacement.  The second top is also up in the air.  What I've accomplished was done in the first few weeks.  It's not going to come together by the deadline but what I've finished has been worn to death.  After the shorts I'm tracing the dress and starting on the white skirt that's been traced.  Although I've traced it, I'm considering holding onto the pattern and finding a shorts pattern instead.  Ann Taylor has a cute pair of shorts with a boyfriend jacket ensemble that I think is really cute.  Ideally, I need more t-shirts so I'm probably going to go boring and make a few more.  Yes, I know it's boring but it's very wearable with my other items.

Well there are 5 more weeks, give or take a few days, until the contest is over.  That means I need to finish the shorts and both tops this weekend.  Then, 1 item a week until it's over in order to finish on time.  Chugging along... trying not to lose steam.  I really need these items in my wardrobe.

After all these are done, I'm on to make many pairs of pants.  Gotta get a muslin made.  Any suggestions on patterns?


  1. I like your wardrobe plan. I am still too scared to jump in and join the contest lol. Maybe next time there is a mini one going....
    Pants? Well I have only ever made one pair for me, the Burda 4-2008-113. But they are fabulous (though next time I am scrapping the welt pockets and making the cargo ones a bit smaller!)
    Good luck on getting all your items sewn :)

  2. The same slow down happens to me during a contest. Just keep working either way you'll have a great new wardrobe. You have some great pieces picked out.