Sunday, November 28, 2010

Burda 5/09- Finished!

Yes, you're right, I started this in the Spring of 2010.  At least it's the same year.  But, I can say, it may work with a long sleeved shirt, tights and boots for the Fall.  But, it's done.  Another one bites the dust.

5/09 Burda Dress #126

I didn't notice until just now that the buttonholes are vertical and not horizontal- hmm, makes sense.  Too bad it's too late.

The dress is made of a lightweight stable denim.  The buttons are from Joann Fabrics and are tarnished copper.  It's topstitched with black thread for contrast.  It was difficult to decide on the color of thread since I wanted the option to make it more dressy and didn't think the yellow thread would do that for me.

Front view.  It looks a little blackish-blue in color in this photo but it's actually deep blue in a much nicer color. (Picture below looks much more representative of the color)
Close-up of pocket and button


  1. I like this one alot . It looks very well made and your stitching is SO neat .

  2. This turned out great! I love those buttons, perfect for this!

  3. I like it. Might suggest it to my mother who was wanting a shirtdress. Love the denim + buttons.