Friday, November 26, 2010

Has It Been THAT Long?


I think it's been about 3 months since I sat down and sewed something.  Really?  Yes, it has been wayyy too long.  So to break up the monotony, I decided it was time for a laptop bag.  Since my life is centered around work and work is my life, why not mesh the two?

I found a cute little pattern but ended up getting a laptop that was too big so I needed to modify it a smidge.  The pattern is from Sew Liberated and is called "Mischievous gnome messenger bag".   First, the dimensions for the finished bag are 13 x 15.  The laptop that it needed to hold is 17x15 so I added 3" to the width.  Also, instead of interfacing I used fusible fleece for the outer portion of the bag.  This resulted in a cushion for the laptop and I feel, a much more substantial bag.

At the new dimensions, it looks a little large but what can I do?  It needed to hold my laptop and receipts and magazines and whatever else I stuffed in it.  Did I mention, I no longer need to workout because I lift weights (i.e.- messenger bag)?

A few other modifications, I added magnetic snaps (the magnet went on the flap) to hold it closed.  I figured it is safe to have the magnets on the flap with several layers between the laptop screen and the electromagnetic force.  Sorry, a little physics slipped:)  I will let you know if it becomes a really bad idea.  Inside I used a jeans zipper for the inner pocket- scratchy to the hands but otherwise nice looking.

Pictures will follow when I find the darn charger for the camera...

Oh, btw, I'm back to sewing again:)

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  1. I too have been MIA in the sewing gets in the way........
    Welcome back and I will be back soon also!