Friday, December 24, 2010

File 13

Yep, I finished the PJs that were started last year.  How?  I trashed them.  It's only happened a few times but I'm done with Hot Patterns!  It's probably not their fault but definitely mine for many reasons.  Let me name a few:

1) Made the Boudair Bliss pants- had to shorten them significantly and they appeared on me to be clown pants.  This didn't stop me.

2) Moved on to the top- where are all the pattern pieces and instructions?  Yep, missing the band at the bottom and instructions.  Still didn't stop me.

3) Contacted HP and told them what I'd done.  A quick response and then nothing.  Guess it's my fault I lost them both.  Still didn't stop me.

4) Figured out the collar, sewed it up.  Hmm, the sleeves had too much fabric and I just flat out couldn't get it to work.  Next, the collar must have been attached off-grain.  Yep, that stopped me.

My trash is full of a lovely red flannel backed satin.  Oh, yeah, and a Hot Pattern!

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