Saturday, December 11, 2010

Here Begins the Year of Stash Sewing

When times get tough, the tough get going.  Or sewing.  It's been a year of transition.  The funds are limited since the office opened.  I talked last year of bringing my sewing machine to the office to sew when it's slow.  No time for that!  We're busy.  Unfortunately, as a business grows there are sometimes limited funds available.  So, I've decided to only sew from my stash this year.  I figure it's always a good thing to get the fabrics out of the stash after a certain period of time but it's SOOO hard when you see new fabrics online.  Stay offline, right?  Easier said than done...

So, here begins the year of stash sewing.  Now I see I don't have a very big stash!

Photo from

Finishing up the Boudoir Bliss PJs from HotPatterns.  lounging PJs You may remember how the pants looked last year.  Big, big, big.  I'm really too short to wear wide-leg pants but hey, they look so cool in the old movies.  Oh yeah, they usually wear them with heels.  Gotta find some of those feather heels.


  1. Should I wait until January 1st to join you in this endeavor?
    I too need to adhere to this principal-stash sewing only.
    I have pondered you have me thinking.
    Now I need to commit.

  2. Don't wait! No time like the present:)