Saturday, January 1, 2011

Twenty-Eleven Just Doesn't sound right...

First off, what are we going to call this year?  20-11?  '11? One-one?  Don't ask me, guess I'll listen to what others call it and figure it out from there.

A recap of the New Years Resolutions from 2010.  2010 resolutions and how it turned out.

1) Yep, told more people that were doing great that they were actually doing well.  I can't tell you how that has changed how I interact with people.  It definitely made me a happier person overall.

2) I planned until Spring and then it went out the window.  Lots of contracting, working on the new office and no sewing really put a damper on this resolution.  Maybe I'll try this one again this year.

3)  As far as the new hair style is concerned, I tried it, tried different people and have ended up with a complete mess that only looks good for about a week after it gets colored.  Not a good resolution.  So, this year I commit to getting my hair back to the way it was before 2010.

4)  Professional and personal learning- nailed it and am still working on it.  Sewing-wise, learned how to do more couture sewing, tackled some advanced projects, worked on welt-pockets and sewing better in general.  Professionally, I stared down some demons that have kept me from doing the procedures I want to be good at.  Started sedation again after a little hiatus and am loving it.  Opened my own office and am now learning to be an accountant/janitor/boss/mechanic (a.k.a.- dentist).

5)  Ran a lot, walked a lot.  Still didn't get that body into 20s shape but I'm still trying.  Ended up in the ER this year and not planning that for next year.

On to the year with a number and no name.  Resolutions 2011:

1)  Clear out the stash, sew it up, donate the rest, teach someone else.

2)  Run a 1/2 marathon.

3)  Be around my family and friends more but keep the business going.  No more workaholic.  This will be tough.

4)  Continue what I started last year and make people happier, myself included.


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