Sunday, January 9, 2011

This trend isn't good but...

I blogged about the Vogue top here but it ended up...

HERE! (that's not me but I know how she feels)
Two items for the year, both trashed.  I told my friend they were Wadders (not the way you'd typically say the word but think wadded up and thrown away).  Sad but true.  Now I have no desire to sew at all. 

On the other hand, my knitting is taking off.  I'm better than 1/3 of the way done with the cardigan and am planning other projects.

Nashua Handknits has some great designs:

This design is part of the Isabella collect.  I love the detail.  It's called Jasmine.  The color definitely doesn't look good on me but I thought maybe a nice navy or lavender for the Spring???

Photo courtesy Nashua

Next item to consider is another design by Nashua-
This design is called Chestnut.  (Photo courtesy Nashua  I have a favorite acrylic cardigan that is toasty warm but sadly falling apart and it is very similar to this design.  I would probably attempt to change the collar and make it without a closure.  Any suggestions?


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  1. Nooooo. Make it exactly as it is. The shawl collar is so elegant.
    Make sure the yarn is not scratchy otherwise the shawl collar will drive you crazy.
    Great sweater.