Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dress Done!

First item in months that I've started and finished.

(Photo Courtesy New Look)
The dress is made of quilting cotton, lined with cotton batiste and biased with polka dot cotton.  I love the feel of the batiste.  I lined it to help it keep it's shape, hide seams and make it less see-thru.  I always worry that a dress that is too light will not look right when worn.  Hopefully it won't be too hot for the little girl.

The buttons are pink and green with swirls and polka dots.  Boy, are buttons expensive now days...  I added a piece of ribbon on the back since I don't have labels at this time.

Finished dress.  Quick project.  I hope she likes it:)


  1. It turned out adorable!! The buttons are perfect! Dare I ask....Does this mean the mojo is back?!?!

  2. How cute! What an adorable little dress!