Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wedding Dilemma

Is it appropriate to wear a sleeveless black dress to a daytime wedding?  My mother-in-law is getting married in the early afternoon in a small chapel wedding and I'm contemplating on wearing this pattern.
(Photo courtesy of

Vogue 8647

The newest magazine had a great idea for a little black dress with lace overlay- perfect for summer.  So, I got black crepe and a beautiful lace with a little sparkle.  Now I'm second guessing myself.  Should I have gotten the champagne crepe instead?  I don't want to look like I'm mourning at the wedding.  

So, fellow sewists and non-sewists alike, is it appropriate to wear black to a daytime wedding?  


  1. I think so.
    The lace will celebrate the wedding, and eliminate any mourning doubt.
    Go for it.

  2. Jennifer, I'm gonna have to go with Martha on this one:

    However, I think the champagne color would be beautiful - both on you, and for a summer wedding. I vote champagne. (Sorry ...)