Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's on the needles, both sewing and knitting

I will force my mojo back one way or another!  After a wadder that derailed me completely, I've been promising myself to get back on the horse and forget the past.  (still waiting)  To those who have been so patient as to follow me through this frustrating time, it will pay off.

So, without preamble, I present the projects of April...

Definitely not for selfish me but rather a friend's little girl.  It will be a cotton covered with strawberries and accent piping.

Next, a boys shirt with Thomas the Tank Engine cotton.

Photos after the projects are finished.  I'm hoping to get them cut-out and done this weekend since the weather is going to be less than favorable.

To the knitting needles...

Currently I'm working on the Hayley Hoodie by C2Knits 

(Photo courtesy

This is on the needles using Berroco Vintage in Blueberry.

(Photo courtesy
I'm loving the blueberry color.  It's a deep royal blue.  The yarn is a little splitty and not twisted tightly.  This does make it nice as far as blocking and elasticity so it is a "go-to" yarn for me.  The hoodie isn't hard but being a little of a literal person, I mistook some of the instructions and had to contact the designer.  She is a huge help and responds quickly.

Next on the needles this month, is Strawberry Social from Verena Knitting.

(Photo courtesy Verena
The yarn is still up for grabs.  I'm thinking a nice cotton/silk but still unsure.  It is calling for a DK weight yarn.  My dream yarn is Madelintosh but I don't want an $80 tank for summer.  Craziness!  

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