Saturday, May 28, 2011

Time Flies

Ok, it's really been since April 30th.  The Haylay hoodie is done and I've worn it several times with multiple compliments.  No pictures- camera battery charger is MIA.

Starting on the wedding dress.  After several responses, I've decided to wear the turquoise dress from the Montana wedding but will wear the shift for dinner that night.  I feel like such a princess to be switching outfits for one event.

Knitting-wise I started this top:

Photo slurped from her website

This is something I want to finish for my birthday celebration.  I think it will cute with little cap sleeves so I'm going to try to figure out out to make them from this pattern.  I think I might just extend the shoulder portion and add increases to make a sleeve.  Still thinking on this one since I'm still very new to knitting.  It's a beautiful pattern and is knitting up quickly so wish me luck.  Oh, the yarn, it's this one by Cascade Cotton Rich DK:  (I know, no originality in regards to color...)

Pictures of the progress on the shift this weekend... if I can find the charger.  ARGH!

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