Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Look 6849

The dress for the wedding this weekend is almost done.  All that is left is the hem.  I've reviewed this at Pattern  You can see it here.

Here's the lowdown...

This pattern allows for much translation.  I basically redid all of the dress- new armholes, new line (straighter and less A-line), lower bust point, square shoulder adjustment, raised the neckline and finally, took out the seams on the front and back.  Did I leave any of the pattern- hardly.

Also, my mom has a great embroidery machine and I find lots of things for her to embroidery- this included.

The color is off slightly.  It's peacock blue and lime green stitching.

This is the invisible zipper- used a new foot and not real happy with the result- 

Another photo-

This is slightly green but shows the detail.

I'll include photos from this weekend later.  Now to find some shoes...

What color do you think I should go with?  I've got a strappy black shoe, camel colored heels but nothing green or blue.  Would silver go?  If so, time to go shoe shopping:)


  1. Looks fabulous, I can't wait to see it on you. It sounds like your alterations and that neckline will really make this stunning!

  2. Wow that is so beautiful. Everytime I'm sure I don't need an embroidery machine I see a stylish project like this to challenge my viewpoint.

  3. Your dress looks fantastic, and I know you looked great in it too.

    Tell your Mom that she did an awesome job on the embroidery as well.