Friday, January 22, 2010

Valentines Day Project and Juki News

Yes, it was (Juki) once an object of my desire but now, I'm mad at this inanimate object.  The buttonholes began to change and it ain't pretty.  So, I've packaged her up and she's going to the doctor.  It's frustrating when I have to be without it and can't fix it myself.  I think I'm going to take it in and demand they show me what to do.  I'm that kind of person- irritating to some but definitely convenient and helpful for others.  I am that person who figures it out but honestly, I don't want to "learn" on my baby.  Let someone else do it and show me in the process.

With that information, I may not get the Valentines Day cami done.  It is the NL 3426 (view on the right courtesy of New Look

With matching thong. (I'll be making my own pattern for that)  The pattern changes I plan to make include a drawstring attached to dyed elastic so it's easy to slip over my head and adding beads to the drawstring.  I'm going to use contrasting thread on the BL serger to finish the gathers and hem.  The fabric is from the Vera Wang collection from

This is the biggest taste of the fabric today since it is drying after washing and only has a small clip. (It is sold out after the $1.95/yd sale)  This is 100% silk chiffon in a raspberry color.

Washing silk- I use shampoo for color treated hair in a warm water bath, wash by hand and hang to dry.  It takes a lot of the silk smell out of the fabric and doesn't change the color much due to bleeding dyes.  Regardless, silk doesn't hold the intense dye well and will change color over time.  I plan on dyeing my elastic to a nude color so it is hidden when inserted through the casing.

So, price for a silk cami with matching thong- $5.00.  Don't tell anyone:)

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  1. I'm sorry that your sewing machine is sick...I hate it when there is something wrong with mine and I can't figure it out. I hope they get it back to you in time to finish the cami, because it sounds like it will be gorgeous. What a fantastic color!!