Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SWAP Spring 2010

Photo courtesy:  http://www.pantone.com/downloads/articles/pdfs/Pantone-FCR-sp2010f.pdf
After a fairly successful SWAP in the fall, I am planning on another wardrobe for the spring.  The olive color is definitely not for me but I could wear it in the form of pants, skirts or shorts.

I'm in the need for items I can wear to work and after hours- good basics.  Although black and white aren't listed as popular this Spring, I found the cutest stretch poplin that will be good for a cute BWOF skirt.

Here's what I plan to make:
4 tops
3 bottoms
1 coat (raincoat)
1 jacket

Here are my patterns so far:

Tops- TNT Hot Patterns t-shirt

DVF rayon knit

Jalie 2682 http://www.jalie.com/v-neck-top.html (probably sleeveless but I haven't decided on that either)

DVF rayon knit

Jalie 2562 (short sleeve version) http://www.jalie.com/women-polo-shirt-pattern.html

DVF rayon knit

I'm unsure what pattern I'll use for the ITY knit- probably something like the Jalie with the crossover.

I'm thinking about a capri, pant and short as well but this is the only one planned so far.


Stretch cotton poplin
Skirt BWOF 1/09- 128 (exclusive design)


BWOF 1/08- 128  with a nice red raincoat fabric and purple coat lining.  (The pantone is more pink but I had this Corvette red in my stash)


BWOF Jacket 10/07-112 (without the hood) made out of gray or bluish stretch poplin (see above).  I'm thinking about adding contrasting zippers and dark buttons with the same top stitching but that will need to be determined.

I'll be a tracing fool in the next few weeks.  Time to finish the Ottobre coat that I started a few weeks ago.  Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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