Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ottobre Coat

The coat is finished- finally!  Why do I say it that way?  Well, from my previous post and the muslin, I commented on it's shape being definitely A-line.  After much consideration and opinions, I ripped it apart and changed the lines of the coat.  So much so that the coat appears to be standing away from my body.  This is probably more of the fabric characteristics then the pattern.  On Monday I'll be polling my friends for their opinion as to whether I should alter it and make it straight.  Really, that's not a big deal but I'd like to try to wear it first.  When I tried it one I felt like my head was shrunken...  this is not a good look regardless of how nice the clothing is on the hanger;)  Lesson learned- if the muslin needs tweaking then do it because that's what it's for!

Ok, maybe it's not that bad...

Here are a few pictures and changes I made.

I added a yoke in the back, hanging chain and omitted the pockets.

Front on hanger

This is a close-up of the lining.  I did a partial bagged lining and hand stitched.  The facing was added differently than the pattern.  I didn't want all the bulk in the yolk with self fabric.

I love the way the yoke and the back line up.  It looks so nice.  Unfortunately, I couldn't line up the print horizontally due to the large repeat and limited fabric.

This is the inner portion of the facing and lining- I think it turned out great.

I added a chain to hang it by.  To attach it I used grosgrain ribbon.  Black buttons were too stark.  I interviewed several different buttons and many people gave their opinions, thanks.  These won out.

Buttoned front.  Now you see what I mean, it's BUSY.  This photo is with the sides compressed.  Why should I have to do that?  The next photo shows the definite A-line.  It looks too big.   Do you see how the print is running down on the front and up on the back?  I did this to de-emphasize the bust but maybe, I shouldn't have...  I probably won't wear it buttoned unless it's really cold outside and then I'll have my scarf.  See how the print lines up in the front?

The lack of lined up print in the back seems to break up the pattern and I prefer this now.

Another view.

And another...

Before                                                                                      After

Final photo... until I added the modified coat.  As an aside, I took the lining and coat seams apart and extended the waist down to the hem.  This allowed me to remove about 6 inches of fabric and form a coat that was straight.  I went back and looked at the photo from the magazine and it clearly appears to be cinched in in the back to make it appear more straight.  THIS IS THE FINAL PRODUCT... ok, I missed a button when I took the photo- duh.  This makes me much happier:)


  1. I just bought some wool houndstooth check for this coat today! From what I can see in the photos, it doesn't seem too wide...

  2. Oh, I really, really like this!! I think you are being too picky of your own work - we all do that. I think it looks awesome!