Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do you think I should do something about this?

Everyone who has followed my Zebra print coat will recognize this fabric- yes, I'm going to coordinate with my furniture.

This chair serves as my desk and sewing chair.  I saved it from the dumpster at work, 2 years ago.  Did I take much time deciding to recover it???  Hey, I've been busy.  Well, now is the time to add a little more padding and recover this sucker.  The only problem I see is that I don't have a chair to sew with while it is dismantled.  This might get interesting.

First, for those who have never recovered furniture, I recommend taking a picture of the final piece so you will know how it all goes back together.  Next, as you start disassembling it, put all the pieces in a bag (I have a dog), enough said.  I then lay all the pieces out and decide if that's the way I want it to look when it's done.  This is where the padding comes into play.  If I don't like the lines or it needs more padding say, in the seat, this will change the size of the final product.  I plan to add more padding in the cushion because the foam is breaking down.  Since I don't plan adding new foam, I'll augment what I've got.  Did I say this already?  I love my staple gun.  I can staple anything- arghh (very manly sound).

Well, I tried to remove the bolts and after striping one of them I decided that was over-rated and I'd cover what was already there.  So, I draped the fabric and started stapling.  Did I mention I love my stapler?  Well, I need add a cover underneath to finish it off but it's vastly improved.  I don't have enough fabric to cover the back completely so I'm leaving it for now.  Do you think it looks better?  Less like a dumpster dive?

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  1. Wonderful job, Jennifer. My sewing chair is a rescued chair, too. I took the chicken way out and sort of "slipcovered" mine. It sounds like yours was quite a project, but it looks like it was worth it.