Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Most Perfect Shoes

Ok, I haven't hidden the fact that I like shoes... ok, LOVE shoes.  I walked my happy self, dress in hand, into Nordstrom to find some shoes.  There was a hidden area that I had to look at, more on that later.  So, had in mind something strappy, metallic and high heeled.  Found:
Donald Pilner Snakeskin sandals

Disclaimer:  I don't condone cruelty to animals but I've dealt with enough snakes to know I really don't care about using them for clothing, pavement decoration or food.  So, if you don't agree with my choice, I respect your opinion but when you find a snake hanging in your closet, let me know what your opinion is after that.  Yes, that actually happened.  That's for another blog entry...

So, the tunic now has shoes to coordinate.  Did I mention the wedding was at Big Sky Ranch in Montana? Do you think I'll go with the cowboy theme?  Where's that cowboy hat???

Almost forgot, the curtain contained the pre-Anniversary Sale items.  Yep, found another pair of shoes there- 50% off so they don't count.  I'll be wearing them this fall with my new wardrobe.


  1. Those look perfect! You must show us the whole outfit!
    One of the things I love about sewing is saving so much on the outfit that you can splurge on the soes.

    Hmmm, a sale? When does it start? They are the place to go for shoes! If there is one, my office gals might have to take a field trip for lunch on Friday.

  2. The shoes are very nice. I don't have a problem with snakeskin - I'm Australian - we have snakes that will kill us! But I draw the line at croc skin - they only kill tourists who don't believe the 'danger do not swim' signs.