Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Necessity Trumps Me Again

Ok, my husband has bony elbows.  He recently wore through 2 of his really nice shirts.  I was planning on sewing for myself right now but now I need to take care of him.  Yes, I'm selfish but only temporarily.  Here are some of the fabrics he selected for his dress shirts.

They are 100% cotton from Michael's Fabrics; beautiful with a wonderful hand.  Both the top and bottom fabrics are a heavier woven.  The blue and red stripe is like a jacquard.  The middle striped fabric is a light-weight cotton- great for the spring and summer (this will be the last one I make).  This is after washing, drying and pressing- gorgeous.  I hear they are Zegna cottons.  When I priced the nicer shirts for men in Miami they were (gulp) $350 EACH!  I can make them for a lot less.  Unfortunately, my husband is more conservative than I am so they are going to be the typical dress shirt.  When I saw those outrageously expensive shirts in Miami I noticed they were made with contrasting inner cuffs and under collars.  Slowly I'll inch him toward something more daring.  After all, he is an accountant;)  (Curb my enthusiasm and make them generic- darn, darn, darn.)

I'm copying his favorite shirt.  After he wore through the elbows I took the shirt and hid it.  He would never let me rip it apart otherwise.  I'm going to label, photograph and then rip it apart.  I'd like to make it more fitted and longer in the sleeves and back.  He's 6'4 and thin so he needs the length and not the width.

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished product. My mom use to sew all my dad's shirts.