Saturday, October 10, 2009

Photos of some of the finished projects

More items for the Wardrobe Contest on PR 2009

BWOF top 1/09 top from a Rayon/Lycra from Gorgeous Fabrics.  Cute pattern- wide at the upper bust but cute details.   I used a selvage treatment at the neckline to keep it stabilized and keep it from gapping.  It seems to work well.
Hot Patterns T-shirt- 14oz. Rayon Jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics.  This is going to be a favorite pattern of mine- so comfy and easy.
Both of these tops got the cover stitch treatment at the neckline.  I'm getting to love that machine.

BWOF 1/09- #111 skirt from Rayon Double-knit from Emma One Sock.  This skirt has cute detail and an interesting waistline.  I'll put pics of it up so you can see how it finished out.

I'm still sewing and taking more pictures.  I hope to have another top finished and a pair of pants finished today.  Stay tuned for more pictures.  I'll dissect the items later.

This is a Jalie pattern- it looks like it's gapping at the neckline- hmmm.  When I look at it in the mirror it looks fine.  I must be standing funny...

It's cold, unseasonably so; I'm sewing today and going to start cinnamon rolls- yummy.


  1. Nice V neck! You are making good progress on your wardrobe. I love the colors.

  2. Very nice! I really like the fabric in the first pic. Gorgeous Fabrics always has such awesome fabrics.

    Yummmm...homemade cinnamon rolls sound so good. We got almost a foot of snow here in Colorado since last night so it would be a perfect day here for homemade cinnamon rolls. I might have to dig my grandmother's recipe out and get busy.