Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pants are done- NOT!

Ok, I finished the pants and put them on.  Not bad, need a little tweaking sooooo- yep, I ripped out the waistband and then oops, the zipper pull gracefully separated from the zipper.  Ok, I handle this.

Nope, couldn't fix it.  So, I ripped out the whole zipper and facing.  Pretty much back to square one.

Basted the zipper in again and caught the lining- can we say it's not a good night to sew?  Removed the lining and now am back to putting the zipper in the pants.  I hate to think I have not accomplished anything and have made negative progress this evening but it appears to be happening.

After I get these darn pants finished it is a break from the wardrobe contest to make 2 Halloween costumes before the weekend is out.  Calgon, take me away...

1 comment:

  1. So, I am not the only one to do that! I felt pretty stupid having to replace a perfectly good zipper. How many hours did you spend trying to fix it first? I only spent 2, which is less time than it took me to actually replace the zipper.