Friday, March 12, 2010

Boxer shorts finished... kinda

For those of you who are following the review and progress of making my DH boxer shorts, here is the original post.  blog for shorts 
Front view (difficult to see the details)

It is absolutely amazing how much work I've had to do to get these to fit correctly.  There is incredible ease- I took these babies up about 5 inches and they still need some tweaking.  His measurements are for a size 38 so I used size "X" man, my mistake I should have used size "V".  I knew they were going to be big but he wanted them loose.  Nope, he REALLY wanted them fitting and not tight.  Big difference!

I am now going back to the tracing board and making these things in a size "V" to start and tweaking from there.  What was I thinking he needed that size over the other?  Thank goodness I didn't make him something really complex in that size.

Well, it's a good pattern but not really made for men with skinny legs who want a more fitted style.  I figure that's why they show the man at the side versus straight-on in the photo.  I wonder if it would help to use the style that didn't have a seam in the back?
Another front view

Stretch stitch

This is a poor view of the stretch stitch on the Juki.  It handled it well but I broke a needle doing it.  It was intended for stretch so that was probably a little of the problem.  (Size 75/11)

CB seam

I took it up this way because I wasn't about to rip out the stretch stitch to change the size.  It's practically a muslin since I so stupidly chose the wrong size to start with- duh!

So much for calling myself accomplished;)

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  1. Wow, that is a lot to have to take them in, but they still turned out. I hope that he can still use them, and if not at least you know what to do for the next pair!!