Sunday, March 14, 2010

Burda Magazine and Their Instructions

What do you think of this new template?  I'd like to have another one but for the life of me, I can't get it to download.  So, when there's more time, I'm going to be transferring HTML over to the Layout.  Meanwhile...

I'm planning on making the Burda magazine (formerly BWOF) jacket  10/07.  As you can imagine, the instructions are limited.  I don't know whether it is lost in translation or limited space or what.  But, I am planning on detailing every step in the process of how I'm making this jacket (for future reference) to help anyone who plans on making a similar Burda product.  This may send me over the edge.

I've traced the jacket- no pictures necessary at this point.  Although, the instructions recommend 5 cm seam allowances.  I prefer my good ol' 5/8" so everywhere in the pattern it calls for turning under 5 cm, substitute the 5/8".  I'll show you more as it takes place.

A question for those who are interested and following, do you want a video or just a bunch of pictures with information?  I can't see myself doing a very good video so don't expect Hollywood.

A few changes in store for this jacket-
1) No hoodie- everyone knows I love hoodies but I want something a little more safari-ish and less hoodie-ish.  (yes, I've been known to make up words)

2) The instructions recommend batting, split thickness, to line the coat.  I will not be doing this and am thinking of using cotton flannel instead or nothing at all.

3) Snaps- the jury is out, snaps or no snaps, buttons or rivets.  We'll see as it comes together.

This is rated 3.5 stars (4 max) for difficulty.   The fabric was $1.95/yd so I'm not concerned if it ends up in the trash- nothing gained, nothing lost.  If it is a success, I'm going to be wearing the best $5-ish jacket I've ever made.

On top of this, I'm crazy for planning a Spring/Summer wardrobe and lots of contracting work out of the area and starting a new business.  Maybe I should be making this in white so they can carry me away when it's all over.


  1. BWOF or whatever they call it now, is like reading and trying to interpret Latin with major gaps thrown in......... my Latin was never that good..............

  2. I like the template, I have been looking for a new one myself so I will check this out.
    That jacket looks so intimidating! You are very brave. Take it one step at a time and you will be very glad that you took it on.

  3. I love this jacket! I think you will be able to figure it out with little problem. I vote for snaps, too...I just picked up one of those plier tools from Hancock's the last time they had 50% off on notions, and now I have snaps on everything!