Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jalie Crossover Top 2910-UFO

Full length view with a black lab (Where's Waldo?)

You're going to think this is a fundamental problem that should have never occurred- I've always used a 5/8" seam allowance with Jalie and now after reading the instructions, I should have been using a 1/4".  Duh, right?  Well, no wonder I was having a snug fit- that's a big difference all the way around.  Now that I've learned to read directions, the new top is done.  I do feel the shoulders and the waist are too big but overall, I like the new top and I didn't have to cut it out.

Bias tape at neckline
Since the fabric had a cream color I decided to topstitch with the cover stitch in cream.  The neckline has bias tape added to prevent it from stretching and to give it a different look- what do you think?  I used Steam-a-seam to keep the crossover where I wanted it.  It makes it much more manageable and so easy to put together.

All the hems were also stitched with the cover stitch and Steam-a-seam placed prior to final stitching.
Mesh lining and underside of hem
This top was cut out about 8 months ago- I think.  It is a mesh knit with a nude colored mesh under the front for modesty.

The back is straight mesh fabric without the blocking layer.
Sideways view of he top with cover stitching

Look Ma, no show-thru (yeah, that's not my tail)- token boob shot
Does this look like I'm wearing too much make-up?  I look like a clown because of the lighting.  
Also, we have a really old house and the door leaks cold air so the towels are there to keep the wind at bay.  Really, I'm not that messy:)  Did you even notice them?

Another boob shot but now you can see how it stays in place because of the Steam-a-Seam.
See, no movement- those things look huge!  Even with the multiple layers you can see a hint of shine from the bra fabric.  I don't think this is a problem but something to keep in mind if using a stretch mesh.

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  1. Cute top. Very clever solution, using the steam-a-seam.