Sunday, May 9, 2010

Burda Magazine 2-2008-119 Top

It was necessary to finish something that required little to no effort since the jacket is still sitting unfinished on my desk.  I needed a break.

So, I chose Burda Mag top # 2-2008-119, Mock Tie Blouse.
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I opted to make the collar 1/2 width because I didn't have enough fabric.  It is a poly-charmeuse from Joann fabric.  I do like this fabric but make sure you don't have dry fingers when working with it because it pulls terribly.  Ask me how I know...

French seams finish the interior.

This is another view of the mock tie.  I decided to place it on the right side because I wear a name badge on the left side and my purse strap is usually on that side. 

This is out of focus but it shows you a close-up view of the collar.

I finished the armholes with store bought bias tape.  This worked well and gave it some body.  

I'll add more pictures when I wear it this week.  It has turned cold in KC so I won't be wearing it anytime soon.  It feels like mid-April weather and I'm NOT happy.  This gives me new incentive to finish the Burda jacket that still sits on my desk.  I've got to get my seam ripper out again for it.  I'm building character.

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  1. Great top to ring in the new season.....if it ever does arrive. 38 degrees here in MPLS this morning-record lows. Will look great with a skirt or jeans!

  2. I love the fabric you choice for this Burda pattern. A great combination.