Saturday, May 29, 2010

Update on Wardrobe Contest

It's a beautiful day outside and I'm inside tracing... where are my priorities?  Obviously they are with sewing:)

(Click to enlarge)

The vest is on the drawing board but I'll wait until the pieces are done to decide on what I should do there.  Mainly, I'm worried that it won't coordinate.  The shirtdress is still planned but I've changed my thoughts on the fabric.  See, I have a nice lightweight denim, more of a shirt weight that would have been great but then I started thinking...  That always gets me into trouble.  The Burda skirt 6-09-103 would look great in a lightweight denim and it would tie nicely.  So, the denim is being used there for the skirt.  Now I don't know what to use for the shirtdress.

Also, I've got 1 yd of madras plaid I'd love to use as a topper or a pair of shorts.  Honestly, I don't know if it's enough for a pair of shorts that don't show too much of me.  The bermudas take about a yard so I'll lay out the fabric and see if it will work.

Photos of the fabric will come tomorrow after they are washed, dried and ironed sufficiently.  Oh, btw, do you think the topper would be cute in a jersey knit?  Probably won't go with a shirtdress though.


  1. I really love your plans (so many of those burda patterns are on my to-do list, too!!). I can't wait to see the skirt with the tie. Every time I pass that in the magazine I think...I really need that!

  2. This will be a very stylish wardrobe. Good luck with your ambitious sewing projects.