Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Love Jalie 2805

Well, I have just thrown out my Hot Patterns t-shirt that was TNT for the Jalie 2805.  I can I just say I LOVE this pattern?  My original review from Jalie review described the issues with the diagrams being mislabeled, that have since been corrected.  So, with this new t-shirt the following changes were made.

  • Increased the hem to 1.5" and used a double coverstitch to hem.
  • Opened the sleeves by 0.5" since the knit is beefier with less stretch
  • Raised the neckline by 0.5"
  • Altered the v-neck binding to make it more pointy- still need to work on that
As you can see, there is a little puckering of the v-neck.  I believe it has to do more with the beefy knit and less with the pattern but back to the drawing board on this one.

After looking at the colors that were supposed to be hot this year, I consulted my stash.  This was one of the projects I didn't finish made for the wardrobe contest this Spring.  Hey, at least I finished it in the same year.  Obviously it is a different pattern but still the same fabric.  A sunny yellow since we are now getting the sun- boy, I've missed you!
You see that darn jacket on the left side?  That's what slowed my Spring wardrobe to a screeching stop.  It's really about done except for the sleeves.  I'm having the darnest time getting the 2-part sleeve to fit right.  You can find it on my ironing board staring at me daily...

So, has another wardrobe contest starting June 1st.  Here's the thread about it. PR Wardrobe Contest 2010  This is a full-blown contest with 10 items.  I'm adding the pants on the lower right from the Spring wardrobe and the purple DVF fabric as well to the new contest.

Here's the preliminary storyboard- nothing set in stone.  I'm missing a RTW or another topper.  Ideas are appreciated.

(Click it to make it larger)

I'd like to make a dress for a couple of weddings I'm attending this summer but they don't go with the plan so add another item to this list- whew!  The dress on the right side will be a shirt dress made from lightweight denim.  I'm busting the stash to get these items done.  Also, the long shorts with the cuff will definitely have the cuff removed.  I don't need anything to make me look shorter!  Do you think that coat will cause me problems?  That's why it's going to be the last item I make and possibly get replaced with the RTW item.  If so, I've got to add another topper- maybe a vest???

What do you think?  

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