Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baby Quilt #2

Who knew Rayon thread breaks so often? Well I'm free handing the stitching on the quilt and about every 3 inches the stupid thread breaks. If I didn't love the variegated look so much I'll pull it all out and use good plain polyester thread.

The quilt is for a little girl and in accordance to my trend that I've been doing for babies- make it different. So, this little girl has frogs, flowers, worms and turtles to keep her company. I just hope the parents aren't giving her all the princess and girly things because this will really shock them;)

This is where I stopped last night because you guessed it, the thread broke. I was done re-threading the machine for the umpteenth time. I'll include pictures of the final product when I get the urge to re-thread the machine.

Ok, I finally relented and kept re-threading until I was done. Can't tell you how many times I did it but hopefully the thread will wear better than it did running through the needle. The other border was switched to my TNT thread and I'm finishing it with a pale green border. BTW, I'm still learning so bear with the disorganization of all of this.

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