Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Baby Quilt

It must be in the water- good thing my husband doesn't drink it;) Babies galore! I am making another quilt for our neighbors' baby girl. I was corrected by a PR member that it's not a baby blanket but a quilt- thanks for educating a dumb Okie:). Enough of the pink stuff- I'm into bright colors and frogs. This one will definitely be a little tomboy-ish. Don't worry, it's also got purple and coral as accent colors. It will be a simple quilt with a main piece, borders, blocks and binding (3 b's). Hopefully I'll finish it this weekend.

Oh, yeah, did I mention I got a Janome Coverstitch 1000? I have coveted this machine for many years and got the deal of a lifetime. It was less than $480 with over $100 of free stuff- sewing feet, DVD, thread- lots of thread, magnifying glass (cuz I'm getting older- 40 this year!). I'll attach photos tomorrow- lighting isn't good in the office so the colors won't be right.

Off to sew a little before going to bed. (BTW, my husband doesn't know yet- hee, hee)

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