Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chloe is FAMOUS

I was notified today that the magazine "The Bark" placed Chloe's picture on their smiles page. It's about time she earned a living. Unfortunately, she isn't earning any money for all these appearances she's making. I swear, this dog has been in print more times than I'll ever be in my lifetime and she's only 3!
The Bark Smiles Page

BTW, the item on her muzzle is a "Gentle Leader". She is a sporting dog and has a tendency to pull when she gets excited. She's strong and can pull my arm out of socket or cause me to trip when she sees a bunny. This is NOT CRUEL and she can open her mouth completely, it just pulls her head down when she tries to lunge. I think it's much safer and kinder than a collar or a halter since it doesn't choke her or constrict her movements in any way. Yes, it could cause damage if I yank on her with extreme force but I wouldn't do that nor do I have the power. Just look at her- she's pretty darn happy and tired after wearing it and going on long walks and runs-- spoiled dog;)

"The Bark" is a great magazine for the tween kids. Sometimes it's hard to find something to interest the kids between 8 and 15. This is great- no smut, no gossip, no nudity; Just pets, smiles and heartwarming stories of dogs and their companions (plus some advertisements). I love this for the office.

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